Deface the Bible in the name of art

The open Bible is part of the Made in God’s Image exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (Goma) in Glasgow.

Its inclusion was the idea of a local church which hoped gallery visitors would suggest ways in which the Bible could be “reclaimed as a sacred text”.

A sign next to a container of pens says: “If you feel you have been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it.”



This is just sickening. And it doesn’t surprise me that a liberal “church” like the Metropolitan Community Church would do something like this. :mad:

Art imitates culture. I can appreciate what this piece is expressing. It’s a symbol of profound depth. OTOH it doesn’t lose anything as art if the bible was a symbol of a bible rather than real. In fact it could have gained meaning if it had been a signature book that symbolizedi4,. a bible. Sacred text is too personal to people who deserve better.
This piece would be an excellent expression of the increasingly distorted perception of people and how that relates to Sacred Scriptures if the text had not been real but facsimile. The people writing in the pages, especially vulgar notes, is a very accurate depiction of most people relative to truth. The artist projected an ideal thought to be realized but is a misperception and because of that it became an accurate depiction of our culture today.It doesn’t seem it aquired that accuracy from the artist as it exposes the inability to distinguish the Sacred from a symbol of the Sacred .:twocents:

The really sad part is that the Scottish Arts Council is a government organization. While they are clearly following in the footsteps of their counterpart NEA here in the US, it is sad that any democratically elected government would sanction this sort of filth.

The interesting contrast to this basic affront on Christian sensibilities is the lengths the UK government has gone through in recent years to appease the Muslim and homosexual communities. On the one hand, the city of Canterbury recetnly had to publicly demonstrate their “gay friendly” attitude, but Christians are not given the same respect.

A sad commentary for a once proud nation.

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