Defeating the two most powerful enemies of the Church

IMO Islam and Secularism are the two most powerful enemies of the Church. Secularism weakens faith among Catholics while Islam converts these Catholics who think that the Church no longer has anything to offer them. Both are very powerful in the modern world. As a lay Catholic how can I help fight against these enemies? Are there any vocations dedicated to combating one or both, along the lines of the Jesuits in the Counter-Reformation (through catechism, education and conversion)?

Pray lots of rosaries for the Church. They are very powerful. Our Lady has promised that whoever devoutly prays the rosary will get whatever he or she wants from her.

be a faithful example and continue to learn so as to be able to properly defend the faith. I’d concentrate on lapsed Catholics and Catholics who have left the faith. you have the drive and that will make the difference whatever you choose to do, do it with love and the Lord will provide every essential tool.

God bless,

These are not enemies; these are different beliefs.
Other religions might consider Catholicism as an “enemy” that needs to be stopped.
But the whole point of living in a country with freedom of religion is that people can hold true to their own beliefs regarding Gods or no Gods and still be sisters and brothers. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing here.

To define these other beliefs and people who hold them as “enemies” that you need to “fight” against is the same kind of psychology that in the past planted seeds for violent, unneeded wars…and ensured the slaughter of millions of innocents.


Islam is not the enemy of the Church.
Some Islamist may be the avowed enemy of the west, but they aren’t the enemy of the church.

Who is it that has the authority to say whether a Muslim is or isn’t a true Muslim?

christianity does not teach that. anyone who started a war against enemies was sinning gravely and not following the gospel. we’re supposed to love our enemies.

we’re all technically infidels to them. and denying christ’s divinity, death and resurrection is pretty serious business too

Huh - I don’t understand your questions as a response to what I wrote.:confused:

Whatever some Muslims think of Christians Islam is still not the enemy of Catholicism.

The enemy of the Church is Satan and he attacks the Church in many and various ways, not the least of which are secularism, materialism, and radical Islam. We know that Satan was dealt a death blow at the Resurrection of Christ, but he has been granted some time and is still bent on doing his best to destroy the good begun by Christ’s death on the Cross. A priest I know puts it this way. God operates in such a fashion that he forces evil out into the open where He can utterly destroy it. God drew evil out into the open through the suffering and death of His Son, and through the resurrection, he conquered Satan. But He granted Satan a measure of time before his final chaining ih hell. That is why Christians can expect persecution as the price of their discipleship. Doing good, following Christ, will draw evil out into the open where God can destroy it. Over and over the Church has been attacked down through the ages. Still, the Church continued to grow in the face of persecution. In the end, the Church will be led to its own Calvary, but God will save it. My own favorite ways of combating Satan and the forces of evil are the Mass and the rosary. Another great way the saints have shown us are the offering of all the things we do each day, our sorrows, sufferings, good works, prayers, sacrifices, no matter how small, etc. everything of value that we do, for the intentions of Our Blessed Mother whose God-given role is to crush the head of the serpent.

I have muslim friends. I have non religious friends. Just because I disagree with them doesn’t mean I despise them. And when I say enemies I mean other religions or religious views that are leading members of Christ’s flock astray. When I say fight them I mean to fight with the weapons of prayer and reason among others. After all Christ himself said to love and pray for our enemies. I understand that hatred over ideologies and religion have led to the death of many. I agree that this killing should be avoided. Also you have a point on inflammatory language. I couldn’t think of another way to describe the point of the thread. I wish to find peaceful ways to keep the Church and Her members strong in their faith. These two beliefs are the two that most damage the Church.

I think this story about Abba Poemon best sums up my points.

A brother asked Abba Poemen: What does it mean to get angry at one’s brother without cause? And he replied: When your brother attacks you, whatever the insults are, if you get angry at him, you are getting angry without cause. Even if he were to pull out your right eye, and to cut off your right hand, if you get angry at him, you are getting angry without cause. Yet if he were to try to take you away from God, then get angry!

God bless.

I’ll put it another way. Are the Muslims who are peaceful this way because of or in spite of what the religion of Islam teaches? And who has the authority to say what is the correct interpretation of Islam?

Oh, I see.

I don’t know. I’m not an Islamic scholar.

Hey FireFromHeaven,
I think your original contention was OK. I believe Islam was inspired by satan to institutionalize an anti-christ, a religion that denies Christ’s divinity. As for secularism, is there any doubt that is the religion of our satan guided governments in the west, and that many (most?) laws passed by them are contrary to God’s laws, and that our rights as christians are under attack by them?

Personally I classify them as enemies because they are the two ideologies most likely to lead Christians astray. Thus they should be peacefully fought against.

Or perhaps Islam is a billion people primed to hear the actual Word of God.

don;'t look at them as enemies. look at them as opportunities for Evangelization.

I would argue that the fallen angels and our own free will (when used to side with the fallen) are the two most powerful enemies the Church has.

The remedy is stated in scriptures and Church teachings. Be the salt and the light of the world. Pray always for God’s will and for the salvation of souls. People need to see what a true Christian is through acts of selflessness, humility, and kindness the world cannot understand or emulate.

Christ gave us an excellent example in how to act humbly and kindly to all who hate and try to destroy us. In the end, if the world has chosen to return to its pagan roots, it is up to us to be the ambassadors of Christ on earth to let people know how much God loves them. Ultimately however, one only has control over their own salvation.

When looking at the lives of the Saints, this has proven time and again to be sufficient in spreading the word to others and keeping the Church alive. :thumbsup:

God Bless

The Jews also deny these.

You picked out the two enemies I was thinking of. I am glad you expanded on those thoughts, as well.

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