Defectors and Reversion

Wondering a few things…
First, there seems to have been (in the past: in particular as a response to the Sex Abuse Scandals) a lot of people who went through the formal defection process. Just wondering if there is any sort of estimate as to how many people defected or attempted to defect.

Second, I wonder how many of those defectors have regretted their defections and returned? Is there a formal process BEYOND confession/reconcilliation for defectors? Are there any nororious defectors who have returned?

I dont know if this is mere perception but there appears to be a reawakening and return to the faith. I know I’ve returned after many many years… and from what I’ve been reading on the forum, I am not the only revert. Am I correct in my perception that there are many many people returning now or am I biased by my own personal experience?

Hi Catherine k,

  1. I know of no such estimates.
  2. I don’t know.
  3. If someone went through the canonical process of defection, a notation would have been made on the baptismal register. The person should see that this is removed. The person also might have been automatically excommunicated so this penalty–if incurred–would have to be remitted.
  4. I don’t know.
  5. “Many many” is a relative term. I don’t know how the current number of reversions compares to past years.

I have few answers but wanted to give your message some attention anyway. :slight_smile:


I read the statistics (October counts) continuously. In the Archdiocese of Chicago the number of regular (every weekend) churchgoers after 2002 diminished from 25% to to 20% of all Catholics, but by about 2008 it grew back. The 2010 number was 26 % again.

There is a motion Catholics come home, but nothing but a confession is required for those who received all the initiation sacraments.

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