Defectors Describe Abuse at Church of Scientology

An explosive new report by The New York Times documents two more defectors from the Church of Scientology who say they were routinely abused by the cult and its leaders.

The latest defectors from Scientology, Christie King Collbran and her husband Chris, are adding their names to the list of other former members who say that while wealthy movie stars like Tom Cruise and John Travolta are paying the bills, their Church membership continues to shrink due to rampant abuse of its members.

In the Times article, the Collbrans say they belonged to an organization within Scientology known as the Sea Organization, or Sea Org, since they were teenagers. Sea Orgs work for an elite corps of Scientology staff members who are responsible for keeping the Church running.

The couple signed a contract with the Church for a “billion” years, which is in keeping with their belief that Scientologists are immortal, and worked there for 13 years before becoming disillusioned. During that time, they say they worked seven days a week, often on little sleep, for “sporadic” paychecks of $50 a week at most. They said Sea Org members were repeatedly beaten by the church’s chairman, David Miscavige, and others were pressured to have abortions.

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For video's about the abuse of Co$ search loslonelygirls on Youtube.

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