Defects and merits of Christianity , Hinduism, Islam


Defects and merits of Christianity , Hinduism, Islam

Hinduism has two defects. The first is that all the rituals are not conducted in the mother tongue. The rituals involve hymns in Sanskrit. In the ancient days, Sanskrit was the mother tongue of the sages. They understood the meaning of the rituals and were very much interested in God. Every ritual explains about God only directly are indirectly. Today the rituals are like the dead bodies without life. Their real aim and purpose is lost. Not even a trace of devotion is developed through any ritual. At least the priest should translate the hymns and should create interest in the ritual. If you observe the other religions, this defect does not exist because all their rituals are performed in their mother tongue.

This is the reason for the sincere devotion in Christianity and Islam. Added to this, like Ghee for fire, the concept of only one present human birth in the other religions has developed tremendous interest in God due to fear. In Hinduism the belief of several future human births brought lenience towards spiritual field. If you allow the candidate to pass the examinations in several attempts, no serious view can be developed. If you say that one has to pass the examination in single attempt, the education system will be perfect. Observing the other religions must rectify these two defects.

Christianity and Islam have their own defects. They should also rectify their defects by observing Hinduism. Selfishness, pathetic scenes and fear develop their belief in God. If you want to develop interest in God by saying that Jesus suffered for your sins and by showing the pathetic scene of crucifixion, it is not real and pure love. When you get interest in Jesus since He suffered for your sins, your love to Him is only based on selfishness. Your love to Jesus should be based on His divine personality and knowledge without any trace of selfishness. Similarly, these two religions try to create fear in the minds of human beings by mentioning the permanent hell. Fear should not be the basis for the love to God. The love should be spontaneous and without any selfishness in a free atmosphere. The reason for this deficiency in the foreign religions is due to absence of metaphysics in the scriptures.

Those scriptures mainly deal with the development of proper human behavior to balance the society. Such scriptures are mainly dealing with ethics only and not with the philosophy of God like the nature of God, path to please God etc. The analytical development in the spiritual knowledge is not much in these scriptures. They have confined God to the path of Pravrutti only and God is simply an administrator bound by His own rules. He is just a judge to deliver the judgment and a jailer who jails the sinners. He is just a mechanical examiner without any freedom or love to devotees. He cannot go beyond the rules of justice. Of course, all this is good for the initial development of the human beings.

Mere happy life in a society is not sufficient because such life is not eternal. The life after death should be also analyzed. Mere judicial procedure is not the ultimate of God. The love towards God, the sacrifice for the sake of God, the concept of contemporary human incarnation for the sake of most beloved devotees etc., are points of higher importance than mere limitation to the petty family only. The view is at the best generalized to the service to the society. Society is only a large family of your colleague souls only. God is beyond society. You must transit from the service to family to the service to the society and finally to the service to God. These three are the subsequent steps in ascending order. The foreign religions are mainly confining to the first two steps only and not to the third step. In the name of the third step they are only staying in the second step (social service) only.

The basis for this deficiency is lack of the concept of contemporary human incarnation. They criticize the idol worship of Hinduism. But they are doing the same in another form in their churches and Mosques. The exploitation of the devotees by priests is common to their religions also because the concept of the contemporary human incarnation is completely eradicated from the root in these religions because the selfish priests do not allow this. The same thing happened in the case of Holy Jesus. Hence, Holy Mohammad did not allow this concept for the fear of such horrible jealousy towards the contemporary human incarnation.

In Hinduism also the selfish priests oppose the contemporary human incarnation. However in Hinduism, this concept is at least partially alive since Gita says that God will come again and again (Yada Yada hi…) and that God will come in human form (Manusheem tanumashritam…).


Pathetic scene of the Crucifixtion?

I am not sure I agree.:mad:


The point here is that, Lord Jesus died for those who love Him. One should understand the divine knowledge preached by Him and practise it and please Him when He comes in human form to us in this generation by participating in His mission of divine knolwedge propagation by leaving all the worldly bonds which binds us.

Those are His poeple and He carries their sins upon His body and also He preaches true divine knolwedge which removes all their doubts


I have no doubt about the Crucifixtion.:thumbsup:


Actually he died for those who didn’t love him also. :slight_smile:


Jesus died for His people. Who are His people, His people are those who love Him without any selfishness and they never want their Lord to be hanged for their own sins. Such people are His poeple. NOt all people. He did not die for those who gosipe with family and enjoy in this world. Spirituality is not a picnic tour and at the end you want salvation at the cost of Lord also! How selfish you are! You like Lord to be hanged and pained for your selfish sake! Such people are not His people.

His people LOVE Him without ANY EXPECATION, they have left EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY for Him. They see only His pleasure, not any selfish pleasure. If they come to know that Lord is suffering for their sake then they will never allow it. Such is the love they have on Him.

In the following ‘you’ is a general term only]
Now here you want to enjoy at the same time happy to see Lord to be hanged on the cross. So you are not included in His people, becasue you are approaching Lord like a business man and you are selfish to get ride of your sin which you your self have created. So you can never be included in His people.

Lord will never care of such selfish people. He will simply close the door and they will mourn standing in the outside of the door telling that You have preached in our town sat with us to take food etc.

But Lord will never hear you.

The path to salvation is full of pain only, it is not a picinic tour, because you have to break your attachment with your dear and near. Simple prayers will not save you as you think. You have to put spiritual effort to develope real love one God which ASPIRE NOTHING IN RETRUN. You have become that stage then only you are saved.

Think cooly.


You have a problem in understanding why Jesus died for us.
What is it Jesus died for?

Have you ever sinned?


You have to love Jesus with out any expecation.

A prostitute sacrifices sweet words and sweet feelings of mind for getting her minimum requirement. This is justified. But today the people who are having already the minimum are trying to please the Lord through sweet words and sweet feelings of mind (devotion) to get extra from the Lord. These devotees are called as divine prostitutes who can never be excused by the Lord. One can please a person who is either ignorant or a person having less knowledge in false way. But no one can please the Lord who has the full knowledge (Sarvajna). If any one tries to please the Lord by the sacrifice of words and mind only, such a person is blind. These people are made blind by the fraud preachers who exploit their ignorance and natural ambition. The people who follow such fraud preachers loose time here and those fraud preachers will be punished there. These fraud teachers encourage these innocent people and make them to do Karma Phala Tyaga also. These innocent people are advised to spend hundred rupees and get one lakh rupees from God. A part of these hundred rupees is wasted in purchasing some unnecessary materials and these fraud preachers steal another part. Such a sacrifice of the fruit of the work cannot be the Karma Phala Tyaga. It is just like a patient going to a fraud doctor and loosing money and time without any reduction in his illness. Sometimes the illness may increase. In such worships the Lord is giving the fruits of your own good works which are present in the future life cycle arrangements. The fruit of good work from your future birth is drawn to this birth as a pre-matured deposit. You are thinking that you have attained the fruit of the good work, which you have not done just by spending hundred rupees. You are getting rid of the present trouble because the Lord is pushing this trouble to the future birth with added interest. By this your future life cycles become miserable with full of troubles only from birth to death. Are you not seeing such people in the world? They blame the Lord for such life cycle but they do not know that they pressed the Lord for this in their previous births. You just see this wonderful world and imagine the intelligence of the Lord. No body including your fraud teacher can fool the God. Therefore the present tradition of blind preachers and blind followers is leading finally to the ever-lasting fire only. Therefore it is better to know the true path which is established by Vedas and Bhagavat Gita. It is better to put at least one step in the true path because the distance from the goal is reduced at least by one step. What is the use of putting hundred steps in false path by which you have moved away from the goal by hundred steps? The true path is only Hanuman and Gopikas i.e., Karma Sanyasa and Karma Phala Tyaga and both put together called as Karma Yoga as emphasized every where in Gita.

The value of the words and mind are two paise only. The value of practical action is hundred paise. If you do the sacrifice of these three (words, mind and action) without aspiring anything in return you will get the fruit from the God according to the corresponding values. If you praise the Lord without aspiring anything, the Lord will praise you by His sweet voice. If you meditate upon the Lord without aspiring anything the Lord will love you with His sweet heart. If you serve the Lord practically without aspiring anything the Lord also gives the fruit in the same practical way. Hanuman simply participated in the work of the Lord. He was given the highest post, which is the fruit that is practically real. Gita says that He will approach you in the same way as you approach Him (1). Gopikas sacrificed the fruit of their work and they were given the highest Goloka. In these examples sacrifice is without aspiring anything in return from the Lord. Such sacrifice is called ‘Nishkama Karma Yoga’. But when you do the same sacrifice aspiring the fruit in return, you will get the results accordingly here also. But here the results are the fruits of your own works, which are arranged in the future cycles.


I think you don’t need to copy and paste. Point to the source where you get the info. :wink:

Have you ever sinned? and how did Jesus die for you?


I have never seen such long posts from a poster in succesion on several threads at once. Wow. Amazing how one can type that fast! I am impressed.


Thing is that you should not approach Lord for your personal needs, before that itself He knows your needs. If you are approaching Him in that way then you relation to Him is only business, and hence you are not HIS PEOPLE and you are not saved also.

You have to rise to that stage in which you do not want anything from Him for your personal needs and you should love Him like your child. You are not praying to your child, dont you? No. You have real love on your child and you show it in practise and without any expecation of return.

You should develope such love on Him. YOU CAN NEVER FOOL JESUS, HE IS THE TOP MOST GENIUS.


You’re preaching Calvin’s heresy.


Some of his/her stuff comes from here:


First off, the Catholic Church has a HUGE tradition of applying metaphysics. Second, the kind of servile fear is not the kind we are called to. It may be a starting point on the path to perfect charity, but it cannot be the ending point. Often someone will turn from sin and get on the straight and narrow path due to such fear, but as they progress spiritually that kind of servile fear must be left behind. This kind of fear is nor promoted by the Gospel. Many great saints(Francis de Sales, Therese of Liseux; both Doctors of the Church) professed that they would continue to love Him, even if they were sent to Hell. That is not the servile fear you claim our religion has its roots in.

Even so, all people who truly love desire to be with their beloved to lovingly serve that beloved forever–that is what Heaven is all about. Hell is for those who allow themselves to be consumed by self-centeredness. It is essentially those with a selfish love in Hell–and selfish love always leads to torment ans suffering.


Mostly people love Lord for their desires to be fulfilled. If something goes wrong or if things are out of control then we rush to lord and start prayers etc. This devotion is like a prostitute loving her customer. If one really loves Lord without any desire, then only Lord will be pleased. When a beggar approaches us, we generally offer him whatever is least useful to us. But, when a relative comes to our house, we provide him with good food, facilities and even ask him to stay for some more time. Why is the difference in our approach? Beggar comes to us for what we give. He is not having any love to us. Whereas a relative has not come for our food and facilities, he has come to see us. This shows the love.
So, our approach to Lord should be with love and affection as relative but not like beggar, who approaches us only for satisfying the desires. We should not worship lord only to satisfy our desire. Prayers by words, meditation by mind and intelligence in spiritual discussions form a preliminary level of worship. The devotee should search for a Satguru or Lord in human form (like Jesus, Krishna and Prophet Mohammed) to learn the divine knowledge. After gaining the divine knowledge from the Lord in human form, at His directive only he should participate in His service in the mission.

His mission is to uplift the human beings by preaching the divine knowledge. Service consists of donating money and physically participating in His mission of divine knowledge propagation. Such real service is the only proof of our real love towards Lord. We are serving our family by spending hard earned money for them and also serving physically. Where as when we come to Lord, we express our love by prayers, meditation and spiritual discussions only, which are given freely by Lord to everybody.

Hence God is not even comparable to family members but in prayers we project Him on top.

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