Defend that Virgin Mary wasn't...?


My friend is a very strong advocate of rights (especially for woman equality).
She is technically Christian but one of the things she highly disagrees with the Bible is the Blessed Mother’s impregnation by the Holy Spirit.
She says that this is wrong and evil for any woman, and compares it to rape because she is given a child without her consent.
How should I respond to this argument?


Mary gave her consent :slight_smile:


She doesn’t agree with how God does things???:confused::shrug:


She’ll have to take that up with God some day as it was all HIS idea. I do think he knows best. Mary did give her consent if your friend would read her Bible correctly. God Bless. Memaw


Luke 1:38 says Mary did give consent, and the angel didn’t depart until she did. That indicates consent because otherwise he would have just told her and left.




I used to think that way. :blush: Thanks be to God, I quickly found that I was very wrong in my thinking, and I hope she soon figures that out for herself, too.

She may think she’s defending women’s equality, but her argument is actually offensive and insulting, especially to women. :frowning:

Firstly, because it’s false. Has she read Luke 1:38? It’s pretty clear that Mary gives her consent. And what about her Magnificat? Does this sound anything like a woman who was “forcibly impregnated” by God? (I know the argument that “the bible was written by men, who were all oppressing women, blah, blah, blah…” and we women are smart enough to know, in our heart of hearts, that that argument is pure hogwash. Let’s not ignore our women’s intuition just to protect our foolish pride, right?)

Secondly, it’s offensive to women that have actually been raped (whether or not they become pregnant)–there is a huge difference between Mary’s experience and rape. Let’s not be so insensitive!

Thirdly, it’s offensive to women who freely choose to do God’s Will, and especially to women who choose life when they have an unplanned pregnancy. It’s like she’s saying that these women are “damaged,” less than equal, weak, and oppressed by men (or by God). It’s an attack on the dignity and the free will of the very women she is trying to defend!

And of course, it’s a vicious attack of Mary and of her beloved Son… which could/should offend all Christian women, as well.

How incredibly sad that so many of us women do not really understand the inherent dignity and equality of women in general–instead, some of us waste time attacking the very women who are some of the greatest examples of dignity, equality, free will, and femininity. :frowning:

IME, this line of thinking she’s following leads only to bitterness, more feelings of inferiority (which often show outwardly as superiority), insecurity, distrust of men (and often, of God), and anger. Discovering real femininity and womanhood, on the other hand, is freeing, and brings peace, true equality (which is not “sameness”), joy, and love.

I will pray for her, that she finds the latter. :gopray2:


This :thumbsup:

God doesn’t force love in return. It was necessary for her to want to do the will of God.

This is recorded in the Bible.


Thanks for this answers, really makes me appreciate the Holy Mother even more.
Thanks for all these answers :thumbsup:


Even after the “friend” realizes that Mary obviously gave consent, I’m certain that she will dig up something else in the Bible to complain about, to spew her politically correct agenda.




Mary gave her consent, it’s called the Magnificat when she says I am the handmaid of the Lord be it done to me according to Thy will. God doesn’t interfere with our free will and He doesn’t make our decisions for us. Ever wonder why so much art showing the Annunciation shows Mary reading the scriptures because she know what is going on. Her odd response to Gabriel about how she was going to get pregnant since she doesn’t know a man is very odd considering that she was betrothed to Joseph and the likely consequence of marriage would be sexual relations and children but Mary wonders how she is going to give birth which means she was committed to virginity even in her marriage and knew something different was going to have to take place. Remember taking a vow in 1st century Israel was serious, not like now where we blow vows off like they are nothing. Gabriel tell her the power of the Holy Spirit will overshadow her, Mary knew her scripture she knew it was the same level of the Exodus, the Burning Bush, the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy of Holies. Also, with the appearance of Gabriel she knew exactly what was going on because besides Gabriel’s encounter with Zachariah in the Temple six months before, Gabriel’s last appearance was to Daniel after the Babylonian Exile where Gabriel tells Daniel that the Messiah is coming in 7 times 70 weeks which translated to 490 years it had been 490 years this prophecy and was at fever pitch in all of Israel so when Gabriel shows up and says Cha’eva which translates to him calling her Eve/woman she is startled troubled at the greeting not that she is in front Gabriel an Archangel I don’t think it ever occurred to her that the mother of the Messiah was going to be the mother of human race in the Kingdom of God or the mother of the Messiah was the woman God had chosen for all eternity to be the perfect woman. It’s also why Herod and all of Jerusalem were greatly troubled when the Magi come looking for the newborn King of the Jews, the fact that He was already here and no one including the chief priests knew about their Messiah was a huge problem for them.


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