Defender of the Bond


Hi all! I am currently in the process of attaining an annulment from my first marriage. I have sent in my statement, and three witnesses have as well. I recently received a letter regarding the progress we are achieving. The defender of the bond has made her statement and now I will go in for an interview to answer any questions. Has anyone else gone through this process? Any tips or advice? I'm excited that the process is moving along but always nervous that it won't be granted (irrational in my belief). Thank you for all your help!


Mom went through that, not me. But mom said that he basically wanted her to justify her reasons for believing her marriage was never a marriage in the first place (justify her reasons for seeking an annulment). They asked her many questions and it was emotionally gut-wrenching for her. But just stick to the truth and tell the defender what they need to know so they can help you.


I've gone through it but there will be differences in the questionnaire in different dioceses. They will almost certainly ask questions about your courtship, married life, and also a lot of questions about the way you each grew up .

The best advice I can give you is to simply be 100% honest. This process is about getting to the truth of the matter. Don't gloss over your own failings (it's good to acknowledge those before you move on to another relationship anyway) and don't exaggerate what your ex did. Simply tell them as much truth as you know. In cases where I had strong suspicions but no proof, I told them that.

God Bless and may the tribunal come to the truth of the matter. :)


I will be going through it in the next year so please check back in. God bless you and may Saint Nick watch you over and pray for you.


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