Defendind the Catholic priest

Hello everyone, I am trying to find credible sources and studies that show that the recent scandals the Church has gone through whre to to mane homo-sexual priest. Can anyone help me find some of these studies? Thank you

Homosexuality is an attraction to the same sex.

It in no way is the same as pedophilia, which is an attraction to children, and the root of the scandal the RCC is dealing with.

They are not comprable conditions.

Well there are many studies linking ephebophilia (homosexual behavior with adolescents) to the victims. According to the records many of the victimes where between the ages of 14-17.

And there are many heterosexuals who sexually abuse opposite sex teenagers.

The problem underlying condition here is a sexual attraction to young people who cannot consent, not an attraction to the same sex.

pedophilia is an attractions to a child who has not hit puberty yet, this is not the majority of the cases, although some are, but very few. Most of the cases where to young teenagers who already has passed puberty, this is not the same as pedophillia. The media does not use the other term because of the great offence to the gay-agenda.

They may not be children, but they are still young people who cannot consent. And it happens both with heterosexuals and homosexuals.

The problem is abuse of young people who cannot consent. The gender of the perpetrator or the victim is not the issue.

Do you blame heterosexuality or heterosexuals in general for all the adolescent women who are sexually abused by men?

The driving force behind priestly abuse is the issue, and the driving force in the majority of cases has been homosexuality according to the statistics. Something like 90% of the abuse was homosexual in nature which shows that priests with homosexual tendencies are far more likely to engage in abuse than their heterosexual counterparts, to ignore that fact is to handicap the efforts that must be made to protect children.

If you’re going to blame homosexuality in the case of priests, then you must blame heterosexuality in the case of heterosexual abuse of young females, which happens far more often, in the larger world, than homosexual abuse of young males.

Your bigotry blinds you on this issue.

Here is the report on clerical abuse in the US:

Some of its findings included:

“Unlike in the general population, more males than females were allegedly. In
fact, there was a significant difference between genders, with four out of five
alleged victims being male.”

“The majority of alleged victims were post-pubescent, with only a small
percentage of priests receiving allegations of abusing young children.”

Nope I allow the facts to guide me, it is your ideology that is leading you to ignore what the facts are telling us.

Homosexuality is in itself a sexual disorder that leads to disordered sexual behaviour, heterosexuality is not a sexual disorder, the two are not comparable.

The fact is homosexuals were responsible for 4 out of every 5 cases of abuse, hence they are a higher risk to children if they become priests than heterosexuals.

That is the bottom line.

Less than 2% of priests have been accused of molesting children age 17 or younger.

The truth is that you have a much higher chance of being molested at a public school than you do by a priest at church. (What percentage of teachers have been accused? 6%? 8%? I constantly see cases of teachers who’ve molested male high school students on the news.)

However, sexual abuse is a terrible crime and the Church needs to do things to help fix the problem.

Some years ago, Boy Scouts had the same problem. They since changed their rules to make it so adults cannot be left alone with children (there has to be at least two adults present when children are present, unless the one adult is the child’s parent). Sexual abuse cases have been significantly reduced since then.

They need to change the rules so that whenever a child is present, at least two priests must be present. Nobody should be left alone with another person’s child.

Here’s another link

One quote from the article

Pedophilia (the sexual abuse of a prepubescent child) among priests is extremely rare, affecting only 0.3% of the entire population of clergy. This figure, cited in the book Pedophiles and Priests by non-Catholic scholar, Philip Jenkins, is from the most comprehensive study to date, which found that only one out of 2,252 priests considered over a thirty-year period was afflicted with pedophilia. In the recent Boston scandal, only four of the more than eighty priests labeled by the media as “pedophiles” are actually guilty of molesting young children.

Thank you. Once I posted this on the somones youtube channel I got banned. I guess once you speak truth they no longer want to hear it.

Although a high % of the priests who committed sexual abuse were homosexual, the main problem with clerical abuse in the Catholic Church isn’t homosexuality, but covering up abuse and protecting the perpetrator. According to the Guardian ( ) and other credible sources, the Vatican issued a secret document to bishops in 1962 to tell them to cover up all sexual abuse, or risk being thrown out of the Church. That document can be seen at:

If someone can find evidence that this isn’t the case (and that this document was not published by the Vatican), than, as a Catholic, I’ll be more than happy to see that evidence.

Homosexual priests molesting adolescent boys is a huge problem, but it’s likely to be a problem if covering up for abuse attracts child molesters into the priesthood for the sake of being able to harm others.

As a Catholic, it wouldn’t cause any problems in terms of trusting the Catholic Church to hear of a few “bad apple” priests who hurt people, but a Vatican-ordered coverup is inexcusable.

Pedophilia is not the root of the priest sex abuse scandal. Of all the cases alleged only a very small number involve pre-pubescent children. The vast majority involve consensual sex with young men. While that is horrific enough, no one is served by parroting the language of the popular media about pedophilia. The research is not hard to discover and it comes from secular sources with no axes to grind for the Church.


What do you suggest doing for the other 1 out of 5?

I’ve often wondered how the study knows which child victims were post-pubescent, since it is virtually impossible to know that going simply by age. The most counts of abuse were against 12 year olds with 12.6 being the average age. I’m wondering if it’s normal for the parents of 12, 13, or even 14 year old victims of sexual abuse to argue against pedophilia as being at the heart of the problem? Do we see that in other areas of society or only with defenders of the Catholic Church? Is pubic hair really the litmus test we’re going to use to define who is and who isn’t a child predator?

Nothing, apparently. I suppose a 19% female victim rate isn’t enough to cause concern when it’s a homosexual problem we’re talking about. Personally, I don’t get it.

It’s embarrassing that Catholics try to place the blame of the problem on homosexuality. I think Bill Donahue did this. Homosexuality may be a disorder, and most of the cases were against males, fine, but the reason this is such a huge issue for the Church is because there were official cover-ups of the cases. The root problem that most of these pedophilia cases have is people abusing their position of authority to prey on vulnerable people. Abuses of authority most commonly happens to adults in various settings, including churches, yet these are not as prosecutable with the law.

The situation gets more scandalous when the organization in question has resistance to being investigated or persecuted by the law. The idea that the Church or any other organization should be left alone to handle such cases internally is absurd. That’s what most of the fuss is about and is what people are trying to change more concretely.

Yes, the Church may be held up to a higher standard, but it should be because it’s an institution that claims a higher moral standard and holds sway over a large portion of the world’s population. It’s a big target.

I think it is very interesting that it is only 3% of religious who have been accused which is a very small statistic. Persons are more likely to be abused by members of their own family. People are just looking for an excuse so that they don’t have to go to church, the only sure road to salvation. I feel very sorry for those who refuse to see the truth that is Jesus Christ.

No one is placing blame anywhere we are simply acknowledging that based on what we know has happened in the past priests who suffer from homosexual temptations are much more likely to succumb to the temptation to use post pubescent children for sexual gratification than those who do not struggle under such a burden.

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