Defending against Atheists

Your religion-hating atheist friend asks you; Why are you Christian?

How do you answer in the shortest, most concise manner?

(Answer in two sentences at most)


My Answer: I believe there is a God and He came to earth as a man, trained apostles and those apostles trained apostles. What He taught us was zealously guarded by the Church through this method for over 2000 years and so I can know what God wants me to know by turning to the Church.

“Because I find it highly unlikely that something as ordered, complex and breathtaking as the universe just ‘happened’… It was created and I want to thank the Creator.”

I always answer: I was a hard core atheist for several years, but reason and logic lead me back to the Holy Catholic Church.

That is usually my first answer since so many atheist believe that only they understand reason, logic, and science while Christians are just mindless followers of their faith who have no understanding of reason, logic, and science. Only after making sure they understand that I do understand reason, logic, and science do I start talking about the beauty of the Catholic faith. In other words, I hold the discussion on my grounds, not theirs.

Ran Pleasant

Because it’s True.

(If they ask why I stay Catholic?)

The Real Presence.

Becuase I found THE TRUTH. Literally, You can find TRUTH in the Tabernacle. How beautiful!!

btw, Im a cradle Catholic, not a convert

“Because believing that a Universe that functions as well as ours does just happened to come together by accident, and that has kept working perfectly for billions of years, is an example of illogical and blind faith that I could never tolerate in my life.”

I wouldn’t bother entering into such a debate. they will see my actions and if they weren’t enough then I am doing something wrong. They would actually know they needn’t ask me into such a debate if its just to wind me up:D

Why do you want to know? :smiley:

It always makes me think in ways that atheism never did. It also always makes me view the world in ways that atheism never did. :smiley:

Recently a well respected friend asked me this very question!

We have an unspoken truce never to discuss things we strongly disagree on so it was kind of out of the blue and I was totally unprepared.

Dealing with atheists is so different from dealing with Christians…

Anyway, I was just wondering how everyone else would respond. That’s all. :slight_smile:

WHOOPS! Just realized this WAS your response! LOL

Good one!!!

‘Because there’s a problem in my life (e.g. the question ‘What is life about?’ doesn’t have an immediately obvious solution) and Christ is the only person I’ve heard of who 1. acknowledges it (my existential lost-ness) as legitimate and 2. offers (claims to offer) its satisfaction.’

No logic, no “reason”, but truth… for the question of truth is bigger than the scope of the things reason can derive. But of course it is reason (in a much more correct sense of the word), because it accounts for all factors that we experience in reality- not just the ones that can be tied together with logical glue- including our life and its desires. (This comes straight from Giussani)

Awesome question!

Why am I Christian? Because I want to all my relationships, including myself, to experience limitless happiness without ever losing peace. The means to achieve this is the Greatest Commandments: Always freely being and spreading the means to freely be perfectly patient, kind, motivated with all the body, spirit, thoughts, and will equally towards others and the self, and Jesus is the first person to demonstrate how to do this, even in the face of unjust impatience and meanness.

Why am I Catholic? Because the only possible solution to “How to create a True Friendship, given you are the only physical entity to exist” is in perfect alignment with the Theology, Catechisms and Word of the Catholic Church.

Thanks for pointing this one out! This is Simply Brilliant!

“Because I don’t have the hubris, arrogance or quite frankly the privilege of thinking that I can do this on my own. I am a very rugged individual, but I’m also honest.”

Ah man I wish I could defend what I just said! …very unfulfilling! Right now I’m imagining a guy with a goatee and dark rimmed glasses rolling his eyes and all the things he’d say:)

Good thread!

Paz y amor

Or I’d say “because I’m not a turkey!” then mush their face and walk away…:smiley:

I’d ask “Why are you an Atheist?”

then he’ll go on a tirade about “finding the truth” and such then just non-chalantly reply with


It will mess them up.

^This, is quoted for truth. :):thumbsup::slight_smile:

I’d say to an Atheist-

‘I am Christian because Heaven loves me. Appearantly heaven only likes you.;)’

Just kidding! Lighten up!

I’d say I was a hardcore agnostic until Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens converted me into a Roman Catholic :thumbsup:

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