Defending Mary & The Rosary

How do you defend The Rosary?? I have two sisters that have been Catholic their whole lives, now they go to the cowboy church. They tell me I should not be praying to Mary, saying the Rosary, no devotions. It is not in the Bible. I told them that it is in Luke, but that just means she was carrying out her mission to bring Jesus into the world. She is nothing, just a woman. I am deeply wounded.

Can you help me advise me in the direction to show them the truth??

It’s kinda hard because it’s private revelation,that’s the first thing my brother in law and sister attacked me with when they joined a fundamentalist church. I learned how to do catholic apologetics and took apart all of their arguments, and in the end, my brother in law admitted he was wrong.

Where are the apologetics for The Rosary and Mary??

If you go to the homepage of Catholic Answers ( and enter “Rosary” or “Mary” in the search box, numerous well-written apologetics on the Rosary and Mary will come up. For instance, you might find this one helpful, The Rosary Dissected.

Thank you so much!! New here and trying to find my way.

I found that trying to reason with those who have hardened their hearts is useless. The best is to pray for them and continue doing what you have been doing. If they give you flack, tell these Pharisees to shove it. Seriously. Sorry, I’m not always the most tactful person, but I figure if I can’t get their understanding, I’ll settle for their respect.


Pray for your sisters…especially before you are to have a discussion.

Pray for yourself to not be irritated by what they say.

Good reading material has been suggested to you.

If their heart is open, they may want to read it.




Tell them they often ask.their mom to pray for them.

And you are just asking Jesus Mom to pray for you.

No difference, except that Jesus will doubly hear.the prayers of his own mother.

Hi. St. Dominic being asked to spread the Rosary is not just a “legend” - here is a Dominican web-page tackling the subject:

The article, mentioned by another poster, is quite full of research and good things, only to say, that Our Lady is Queen and Mother of Saints (the article does use this title lower down the page)…and, the obvious argument to this:

“Many non-Catholics object to the practice of asking the saints in heaven, including the Virgin Mary, to pray for us. Often cited is 1 Timothy 2:5, “For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” Since Jesus is our only mediator, they argue, Mary (or any other saint) shouldn’t be asked to pray on our behalf.”

  • is: Jesus is the mediator to the Father, as Our Lady is Mediatrix between Jesus and humanity.

It has very nice parts to that article, as a whole. Especially where it mentions that the Rosary consists of the Gospels! If you want defence, look to all the Popes, especially Popes such as Pope Paul VI and St. John Paul II, to validate your cause.

In terms of Scripture, in defending Our Lady, take your pick from these:

John 19: 25-29 - Mary as the Mother whom we are to devote ourselves to.

John 2: 1-12 - Mary as Mediatrix and Advocate at the Wedding Feast.

Luke’s Infancy accounts - Our Lady being the Mother of God.

…and also the accounts of ‘Jesus’ Mother and Brothers’ - Our Lady being the one who helps us back to her Son.

You also have the Catechism:

One of the things that open their eyes was a little pamphlet of the Rosary that showed all mysteries of the Rosary and how each one comes from the Bible and it wasn’t all about Mary, they did not know this.

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