Defending my faith better


Maybe we are not friends. One of my friends is one of the most anti-Catholic person you will meet. LOL. I do not mind him criticizing aspects of the church that are wrong - molestation scandals, indulgences, corrupt missionaries. I usually just laugh to his long-winded rants. I condone his behavior by laughing. He insulted the Virgin Mary by referring to her as “hoodrat.” If you are not familiar with hip hop/ghetto slang that is poor sl**. He believes Virgin Mary turned tricks and that is how Jesus was conceived. I do not want be that person that gets super offended or argumentative over my faith. I LET HIM GET AWAY WITH A LOT. Maybe I should take what he is saying more personal. He is no problem with Jesus but he called his death pathetic and that black slaves in the US endured more whippings.


This person is definitely NOT your friend! A friend would respect you enough to avoid attacks on your faith. All opinions need not be expressed. The friend is hateful and aggressive toward you. Back away. pray for his person’s conversion but let the Holy Spirit work with them. You don’t have to subject yourself to this type of hatred.


God, I am so naive. I should not have laughed. I was just shocked by some of the things he said.


This is horrible.
Distance yourself form this person. There’s a point at which we can correct with charity, adn then there’s the people that simply don’t give a fig.
Not a friend. Definitely not.


There is one thing I will not abide, and that is any attack on the Virgin Mary. As a man, I feel committed to her in my devotion and my loyalty. If someone attacks Mary in my presence, I grow teeth very, very quickly. I hear about these filthy art renditions mocking her and I know if I were there I would break the law and destroy it regardless of consequences.
Be a man. Give him one chance. Tell him you are offended and that he risks losing your friendship by any attack on your Mother and your Christ. Then, if he persists, have nothing more to do with him. He does not sound like an very edifying companion at the best of times. Let him show you the respect you would give a friend, or move away from this toxic relationship. If you do not defend Mary, why would you expect Christ to recognise you as one of His?


I think here your friend was trying to press your buttons, to try and cause a reaction.

If conversation leads in this direction again I’d make it clear that if you want to have an actual discussion about catholicism then you are happy to do so, but if they are going to continue in the same vein as before you can stop them before they get started.


Of course he does not respect me or a word I say. I am just his friend that sleeps with.


Sleeps with who? :confused:


What is going on


He sleeps with me.


He got a reaction. I laughed out of uncomfortably and I was like “what the hell?” I did not think it was worth it to get angry.


OK, so you’re sleeping with some dude, and you came to a Catholic site, named yourself after a Catholic saint, and you’re sleeping with some dude AND you want to know how to DEFEND your faith? :confused:

I’m out. There’s really nothing any of us can say.
We’re all sinners, but IMHO, your priorities are a little skewed.


Personally, I would say that this person is not a friend. This person knows you are Catholic but him calling the Blessed Mother denigrating names is way over the line.

Honestly, I wouldn’t continue talking to someone who denigrates the Blessed Mother.


It could be said that his words are far less damaging than your actions to your faith.

Think you might be in the wrong place to discuss this situation - if I have understood it correctly


I was not acting like the most devout Catholic in that situation maybe that is why he felt free to poke at my religion. He does not understand the sacredness or holiness of the Virgin Mary like I do.


Without even going into the obvious question of why you are sleeping with him, why would you even want to speak with someone that says such vile things about the mother of our Lord?

Seriously, you need to raise your standards.


This all just happened a few days ago.


And? :shrug:


Well said Mi3hael. I agree.

What?! :eek:


This was an escalation of his usual rant on Catholic church. Who knew he would go this far

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