Defending our Catholic Faith

As past President of Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians along with my grandparents Catholic influence, I feel I should defend.
Recently, for the first time on Mother’s day, I was watching ETWN with Father Rochelle. He said that we shouldn’t tolerate anything ant-Catholic or anything that goes against the teachings or our church.

Why do we tolerate anti-Catholicism? Why do tolerate false priests? We should do something. We should also write to the Pope and let him know of our concerns. If something is not right with our parishes, we should let our Pope Benedict know. You can also write to Monsignor Gabriele Caccia, Assessor.

Monsignor Gabriele Caccia, Assessor
3339 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
Washington, DC 20008-3687

He is the US Diplomatic representation from the Vatican. You will get a response.

Of course pray to God.

What’s a false priest?

False priests? What about all those fly-by-night ‘preachers’ who rant and rave on TV, from Protestant-type churches, who don’t have a lick of formal education? Talk about charlatans.:mad:

Unfortunately they are out of the Church’s domain. Solution-switch them off and pay no attention.

I’m at a great parish. We have choices of a guitar mass, organ, children’s choir, you name it. We have four priests currently in residence although one does Vietnamese ministry and another Hispanic. We also have two permanent deacons (soon to be three) and we’re getting one more for training in his final year before priesthood. Nothing to complain about here.

A false priest would be a any priest that does not follow the true teachings of the Catholic church…Pedophiles, thieves, politicians etc are not priests to begin with. They chose priesthood for personal gains/crimes…

and. …yes, there are so many good priests…


I don’t think that makes them a “false” priest. A false priest would be one who was invalidly ordained. You know, like one of those female “priests” who received “Holy Orders” from an excommunicated bishop. But if the sacrament was valid, then you have a valid priest- despite the sins he may commit.

In which case, isn’t the first step to contact one’s bishop? To jump the chain of command all the way to the Pope seems a bit unproductive.

But yes, I believe it is in everyone’s best interests, Catholic and non-Catholic alike, if the Faith was defended.

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