Defending Pauline Authorship


Does anyone know a good book, article, or video that defends Pauline authorship of the disputed epistles, specifically Ephesians, Colossians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Timothy, and Titus?


The commentary of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (Scott Hahn, Curtis Mitch) presents a balanced view of the various theories; they don’t attack the “modern” theories while generally leaning towards traditional authorship.


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Sure. The introductions and footnotes found in any Catholic bible over 50 years old. And, in all of them up to that point. In Catholic bibles, the editorship went from graduate and multi-graduate level degree-holding ordained clergy to a mix that included secular theologians, religious and even (in the NAB) a Presbyterian minister. Any wonder at the stark difference?

Modernist revisers have taken the fact that no original manuscripts exist, justified the insertion of doubt, combined that with their own (or known peers) research and extracted many of the supernatural and traditional elements from the scriptures.

No wonder also that I lean heavily toward the various Confraternity (1941-1969) and Monsignor Ronald Knox translations - which just happen to be Vulgate-based. There was no ecumenical dilution of anything in them, and they are refreshing both to read and contemplate.




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