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I just asked for this info in the wrong way, apparently, so I am trying again. I apparently named a name that is banned as a topic. However, what I want to know really doesn’t have to do with that name that I won’t name. So here is my request, without that name.

I am looking for links to authoritative sites to help me defend priests from abuse allegations (implications that all priests probably abuse since they are “forced” to be celibate. Bleh.) by persons perpetrating such hostility to Catholicism on a forum of a non-religious nature elsewhere.

The sort of link I am looking for is info and fact sources. For example, what Cardinal Dolan said: that NYC school teachers are 10x more likely to abuse than priests.He would not say that without fact. And this goes with what I read somewhere else once. Also, I read somewhere once that just being a male, your likelihood to abuse are far higher than being a priest. But I need sources to back these stats, preferably not Catholic-only sources, as one could argue Catholics made it all up just to defend themselves.

I can find plenty of links I trust with the real facts of abuse stats, and I am understanding of this crisis from many angles for myself, but for the Catholic-priest detractors, I need more “unbiased”-appearing sources, as just plain Catholic sources will be suspect to them.

I would appreciate direction on this, because I want to defend Priests and Catholicism, and I thought that the Apologetics forum, on, would be the very place where someone could point me in the right direction so I can do that.

Here are stats, for example, showing how much abuse has decreased.

Re: school teachers, here is an article - click the “2004 study” link in the article for raw source.

Thanks, that’s a good start, particularly the 2nd article because while its catholic, it lists a link of original source. The first link is good for me, I trust it, but problematic for ones who would dismiss a Catholic publication as making things up just to defend Catholicism… thats why I am hoping to find some non-Catholic sources. So maybe if I bump this up I can get some others, too. Thanks!

Couple other sources I’ve come across during the years:

Analysis of John Jay report in Psychology Today magazine from 2011 talks about the vast majority of these accusations pointing to incidents before 1990. It may be worth noting to your friends skeptical of the John Jay report that psychologists have no problem accepting its results.

Thank you so much!

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