Defending Scripture Against Accusation of Being Changed


My father is concerned that the Bible has been altered during translation, sort of like what Bart Erhman or the Mormons claim. Can someone recommend a good book that defends the accuracy of Scripture? I’d prefer that to something online because my Dad isn’t so fond of computers.


Here’s a video by Trent Horn (about 9 minutes) addressing this topic:

In the video, Trent talks about the Bart Erhman’s case


I suggest the following:



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Remind your father that it is Bart Ehrman that changed, and the Mormon faith that changed, not the scriptures. Bart essentially apostatized and the Mormon faith was originally founded on the King James Version. Both subsequently changed. Remind dad also that claims against the faith have always existed, as the evil one is like rust - never sleeping and always seeking to corrode faith. As to the tactics which the devil uses, they are both known and identifable:


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The Dead Sea Scrolls prove the accuracy of the Scripture we read today.


Many differences have indeed crept into the text of the Bible over the centuries, some of them being problems in translation and some of them being errors in copying. One way to see differences pretty easily is to take the text of Dead Sea Scrolls (they are readily available on the Internet or in a book like The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible) and then compare those texts to your English Bible. Most of these difference are problems in copying.

If you want to look at problems that have crept in via translation, then compare, say, the Vulgate of Genesis to your English Bible, which will be based on a Hebrew text. Or you could compare an English text based on the Vulgate, like the Douay-Rheims, with a more recent English Bible. These differences are good examples of differences that arise mostly from translation.

I think it’s better to be honest with your Dad and show him the types of differences that have occurred and let him judge for himself whether or not he deems them to be significant.


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