Defending the Bible

I’m concerned for my best friend’s boyfriend. A discussion was brought up the other day and he stated that be believes in God but not in the bible because it was written by man and man can be wrong or put their own spin on things and so on. What are some good talking points that I can give that would cause him to reconsider this?

Well it was St. Jerome that said that ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ. Christ is the word incarnant. Christ is who the scripture is about.

We trust Scripture because we trust the Church, and we trust both Scripture and the Church because we trust God.

Ultimately, the failure to believe in the Church or in the Bible is a failure to believe in God. I went through that myself in late high school/early college. It started with me not believing the Church and the Bible could say anything without error because they were products of humanity, but it inevitably led me to doubt the divinity of Christ and the goodness of God.

With God, all things are possible. Here are a few questions he might want to consider:

Is God all good, all knowing, and all powerful?

If God is all good, do you think he wants to give us a guide here on earth which we can be assured will not err (i.e. the Church)? Wouldn’t that make it easier for us to get to heaven?

If God is all knowing, do you think God knows how to go about this in a way that we do not have to guess or rely on our own (fallible) ideas of who He is? Rather, he knows how to reveal Himself in such a way that we are not each left to our own devices?

If God is all powerful, do you think He could inspire us fallible human beings to write an infallible book? Do you think He could institute and guide a Church to teach us infallibly on matters of faith and morals, even though it is made up of fallible human beings?

Denying the authority of the Church or the Bible ultimately means that we do not believe God is all good, all knowing, or all powerful. In which area do you believe God is lacking?

Thanks for the excellent tips! I will put them to good use!

I would ask him how he became to believe in God in the first place. IMHO God and the Bible go hand in hand. I don’t think you can believe in one and not the other.

Here are some resources where we got the bible

*** Francis de Sales book online answers many questions. Scroll to the table of contents. go to #3 in the table for discussion on scripture.

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