Defending the Charge Against Claims that Jesus was an Illegitimate Child

I had talked to this secular person who thinks that Jesus wasn’t conceived by the Holy Spirit but rather by… someone else, outside of wedlock. Of course, I was offended because it’s just pure blasphemy. But beyond the emotional impulse, how would I better defend against this accusation? I read somewhere that pagans during the first century of Christianity use this as their way of disputing Christianity.

There is no credible evidence that Adam and Eve were married. So, what does that make this “secular person”?

Well do they believe he rose from the dead? Do they believe he was God? Because if they don’t that might be a problem with convincing them he was divinely conceived. If they do believe Jesus is God, why do they think God’s son had 2 earthly biological parents? God can do whatever he wants: resurrecting oneself from death is at least on par with a miraculous conception.

That’s the best I can come up with, hope it helps.

This is a very old and tired argument. It isn’t worth your time. Ask for proof of their hypothesis.

Sad to say, I have even heard priests refer to Our Lady as being “unwed”. Read Matt;18-23. Even the Angel called Her his wife!! All in God’s amazing plan for our salvation. Learn a little about the customs at that time! God Bless, Memaw

The angel called her “his wife?” I don’t remember that.

When people want to believe something or disbelieve it, nothing you can say is going to change their mind. That is their mindset. My sister thought the same thing: that this could have happened another way. She watched too many documentaries.

The Annunciation story sounded an awful lot like a wedding ceremony to me…Mary even had to voluntarily say ‘I do’. If you are a believer, then case closed.

The first person to face this argument was Saint Joseph. Remember the Gospel account. Mary was found to be with child before they had lived together. Oops. What did he do? He took her into his household anyway. He ignored the critics, because he learned the truth.

At twelve years of age, Jesus went to the temple. He became separated from his family group and was found discussing his “Father’s” business with the priests. He knew the truth by then, and what it would cost him to make it public.

Define “illegitimate.” Webster says, “not authorized by the law; not in accordance with accepted standards or rules.” Certainly true with Jesus. His birth broke all the rules. So pray to Saint Joseph for assistance in dealing with the critics, if you really feel like evangelizing them.

The custom in those days was to be betrothed,( married), about a year before they moved into their home together, then they had a big wedding feast to celebrate. The year gave the husband time to prepare a home and the wife time to make her linens, pottery, etc. They were married !! God Bless, Memaw

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I think you are right. Faith can be considered as an onion. There are various layers. The center is that there is God. If you don’t believe in that then you won’t believe in anything else. Even within the Christian Faith there are layers. I think the most important fact is the Ressurection. This is Jesus’ main miracle. It is what ultimately convinced the most people. It is ultimately what motivated the disciples to suffer a martyr’s death rather than renounce the Faith.

When people point out various things they don’t believe the first thing I would do is find out what they do believe. Then, based on what they say, you start defending the Faith from where they don’t have it. If you don’t then you’ll end up wasting a lot of time.

My wife became pregnant and had our son in high school. The biological father is different from me. I adopted him once she and I married. I’ve never cared for the phrase “Illegitimate child” since that time. Sounds like the child is illegal. Just my thin skinned opinion. We’ve been married very near 41 years and the phrase still bothers me. Need to let that go I guess.

I agree 100%. It makes the child look guilty of something and not as welcome as the rest of us. They carry the scars of something they could not help! God Bless, Memaw

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