Defending the faith or useless debate

I often read comments after an article I’m interested in. Let’s say an article for or against Catholics or for or against Pro-Lifers etc. Should I involve myself in defending these issues in the comment section or just not even click on in the first place?

I think that say if it’s a Father Barron You Tube, I should defend because why are they even on there but then I know the verse about getting into useless debates?

I have conversed with some very nice people and some not so nice. :confused:

I have had these thoughts myself when there is a comment section about something particular to my faith. Most of the time I do end up making a comment or two and just realize that there will be those who have nothing good to say and make very raucous remarks about the faith we hold dear. On the other hand, there are times in which I sense that someone may be enlightened by something I might say and I leave comments with the hope and prayer that Jesus can use them in order to show that there are Godly people and leave a positive impact in the midst of some negative ones.

God bless!


I would just skip reading the comments; it’s not helpful, you will just start arguments and won’t change any body’s mind.

Thanks guys for your replies. I do now try to skip the comments but sometimes, if I do read them and someone seems genuine I will still try to reply.

Providing you are reasonably sure you are expressing our Catholic Faith correctly, I encourage you to reply to some comments without feeling the need to reply to all.

Recall many face to face conversations you have had where either you or the other could not change your view in that conversation. You agree to disagree. But in time, upon reflection, and perhaps after other input, one or both of you come to understand the issue better. You may or may not have the opportunity to admit to the other an increased understanding. But you recall that because of the first conversation and time, a better understanding was achieved. Such is the nature of communication that leads to better understanding. Change takes time.

It is clear that the Catholic Faith is poorly understood and therefore watered down or rejected. Whether they reject because they honestly do not understand or just do not want to consider it, is not important to us who defend the Faith. Because few will take personal effort to research, what we write just might lead them to clear up their misunderstanding in time.

I think it our mission to SPEAK THE TRUTH IN THE SPIRIT OF LOVE. When you have an opportunity, keep trying and trust that the Holy Spirit will take it from there. A comment or two is fine. Endless debate - trying to win right now - should be avoided. Some will continue to reject ,but others may come to a better understanding and come closer to Christ in time.

If you feel you can do so, then by all means do so. Just make sure you are teaching what the Church teaches.

There are so people who spread some pretty terrific vitriol on the Church, or even religion in general.
These people that focus their posts on how every opponent of “gay marriage” is a bigot, hateful, hate-mongering. How every person who opposes something like Masturbation is oppressed, oblivious to the truth and so on.
At one forum I read, the members-only section often engages in this discussion. I’m at the point now where I won’t be renewing my paid membership to the site, next time it expires. I don’t want to or need to see that sort of hateful rubbish.

Its only right to want to stand up to this, and defend your belief. Like I said, if you’re comfortable copping flack and bad words, as well as criticism for being “an oppressed closet case” (as seems to be popular when the topic of a homily on Homosexuality comes up), then by all means do it!

Otherwise, don’t put yourself into a situation where you can’t defend yourself, OR will be hurt by what is written.

Usually we can discern when a person questioning something you believe is sincere about their understanding of it, or they just desire to get into a disagreement and make you uncomfortable.

When they are in attack mode it is wise to end the conversation.

We can always be at peace with our Lord Jesus Christ, and pray for them.

I can’t read comments anymore. I think they are the future of our society, and the deep clashes that will almost inevitably turn violent in the near future.

If you’re passionate about it and feel you have something of worth to bring to the table by all means offer it; seeds can be planted that take root at some later date. The effort is a worthy one.

Wow! Thanks everyone for the comments. They were very thoughtful :thumbsup:
Yeah, I agree. I’m pretty well-versed. I love apologetics. Particularly Tim Staples, Karl Keating, Peter Kreeft and Robert Sungenis (though I think he is controversial in some aspects- but his debates with James White re: Sola Scriptura, Papal Infalliblity and Justification by faith are pretty right on). Trent Horn is really good for pro-life. And I agree. I try to save my comments for people who I think are genuine and if they just want to continue trying to convince me that the Church is wrong then the conversation is ended.

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