Defending the priesthood

I need reading recommendations that explains why the priesthood is necessary and why Catholics still have it.

A Protestant friend said the book of Hebrews suggests that we no longer need priests. I would like to respond to him. I know we need priests for the Eucharist but then I would have to start defending the Eucharist and I’m trying to do one thing at a time.


“The Fathers Know Best” by Jimmy Akin has a section of quotes from the ECF regarding Priests and Bishops, plus a number of other sections regarding Catholic beliefs. Other than that, I don’t know of apologetics books that specifically talk about the Priesthood.

Your friend needs to explore the history and teachings of the Catholic Church to know the truth about priesthood and anything else we believe. He clearly doesn’t know much about catholicism to make such an assumption. There are so many resources (EWTN, CatholicAnswers, Pope Francis, Catechism of the Catholic Church & much more) about priesthood and more catholicism info.

Check out these great videos:
~Why does the Catholic Church have priests?
~How do you know your religion is true?
~Why be Catholic instead of anything else?
~~Do Catholic doctrines contradict the Bible? ((great video))
~Why a Celibate Priesthood?

Go to the top of the page. Hit the empty space right above " Home". A new page will come up. Select “browse”. A bunch of tracts will come up. Type “priesthood” in the search box.
A bunch of tracts relating to the priesthood will appear. The tract entitled “A blueprint for the ministerial priesthood” is very good.

Thanks everyone. Chapter 45 of Akins The fathers know best is a good start. Have the book; it’s titled Bishop, Priest, and Deacon. But I wish there were more bible commentary and less Fathers stuff cause I’m dealing with probably a nondenominational bible alone person.

These may also help.
Priestly celibacy is unBiblical. NOT!

Remember that in the New Testament St. Paul speaks of his “priestly ministry”. See
The Office of New Testament Priest - Jimmy Akin

I highly recommend watching this video ( Don’t be afraid of his assumptions, because those assumptions are unjust. The apologist in the video explains Matthew 16 as an example.

My best friend is Protestant and sometimes we talk about the misconceptions of the teachings of catholicism… otherwise, she sticks to assumptions from what her anti-catholic church taught her & there’s tension between us. Although I’d rather she look up the answer herself thru my recommendations of books, videos, movies, music, etc. she understands my thinking more than a book would to her, which means she would understand how I understand the concepts of the teachings being described to her more and for her to see that I know & believe what I’m talking about.

Thru the years, I’ve studied more of the teachings of the catholic church in my own way in case she or another Protestant friend asks more questions- which happens often. God gives us time to prepare for those times of testing grounds, when He knows that we can do it- that we can defend Him against all odds.

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