Definately an interesting conundrum for Pregnant mommies to be!

This issue came up on another thread I have been frequenting lately. What does a pregnant mommy to be do during communion? do you take the Holy Blood or not? what about Pregnant Eucharistic Ministers? who finishes whats left in the cup at the end? to make it even more confussing, what if she knows but hasnt told DH yet? she sure wouldnt want to tell church people before Hubby? Thoughts?

the small amount of wine that is consumed during Communion is not harmful…at least that is what my darling doctor told me:D

In my parents church (Episcopalian) Mommies to Be and kids dip the body into the blood. Is that Kosher in our church? I sure wouldnt want to come into contact with any ANY alcohol while preggers. but then again what better nourishment for the beautiful blessing to be than the blood of the Lamb??? hmmm:confused: :smiley:

Same info from my doctor as well…

Actually, if you read any medical info from OUTSIDE the US you’ll often find recommendations of “limiting” alcohol consumption to one drink per day, rather than “eliminating” alcohol consumption…

Most of those US recommendations stem from over-zealous lawyers working with alcoholics whose babies suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome. (definitely a concern, but light alcohol consumption does not cause FAS)…

Somehow the Irish and Italians still seem to have kids… :smiley:

good point, but with my family history of miscarriage I will be staying away from all of that. I dont know about Eucharist though, maybe something I should bring up to my priet, I would be intersted to hear what he has to say as well as yall.

The amount you receive is less than a teaspoon. Definitely safe. As for EMs, I still think a couple ounces once a week would do no harm. Again, we all know the problem of FAS, but those Europeans drink a glass a day and don’t have that problem. I’m pg now, and I receive the blood.

Just as an FYI you can consume the host only during communion you do not need to partake of the wine…
as another side note…I drank a glass of red wine 1-2 times per week when I was pregnant…not an issue…but then my doctor is European not American so their views are a bit laxer on certain things

Agreed… the entire essance of Christ is present in EACH of the substances…
(which is why those with celiac’s disease… allergy to wheat… are okay with the precious blood only…)

I have wondered the same thing, because a couple of weeks ago when I took the blood of Christ, I felt like some people were looking at me strangely.


WHY…are you pregnant (congrats if you are)?

I understand both your desire to protect your unborn child from fetal alcohol syndrome, and to recieve Jesus under both species. And thanks be to Jesus, you have a couple of options! :slight_smile: Firstly, the Church pronouced a while back (don’t remember when or what document, but can look it up if you would like) that in receiving the Body of Christ, one is receiving Him, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. (One little Host contains all that! What an amazing mystery! :love: ) So, while you may not choose to receive the Our Lord under the species of the Precious Blood, you and your baby are nevertheless receiving the “beautiful blessing of the Blood of the Lamb” (love the way you put that!).

Also, if you really want to receive Our Lord under both species, the tiny dab that you receive once a week is 99.99999999999% (really, completely) UNlikely to affect your baby in any way. :slight_smile:

So, no worries!

Also, intinction (the practice of dipping the Host into the Precious Blood) is not allowed by the laity in the Roman Rite as far as I know. If you think about it though, one would really be receiving very close to the same amount whether one receives with intinction, or just by drinking from the Cup.

Also, (last “also”, I promise :smiley: ) while your parents may in good faith believe they are receiving the Body and Blood of Our Lord at their Episcopalian Church, they, in Truth, are not. I’m sure you already know this, but I couldn’t let it go by. Sorry to nit pick! :o

Oh no trust me I know, no nit picking taken! My parents and I have had many many MANY debates about this. I was blessed into a family that is very free spirited when it comes to religion. my parents and my littlest sis are Episcopalian, my big brother is a Methodist (By marriage, he belives more Catholic than anything but attends a methodist church with his wife) little sis is agnostic (which I HATE!! but she lets me take Niecikins to Mass when she visits) and Hubby and I are Catholic. When i decided to become Catholic (shortly before Hubby entered the picture) my parents were very supportive. One of the great things about our family, we are just a big ol’ hodge podge melting pot of faith. Its cool that we get to experiance each others beliefs and experiances through familial eyes!:smiley:

A pregnant woman can have an occasional glass of wine. A sip from the chalice isn’t going to harm the child.

Yup, stress is infinitely more harmful to the unborn child than a glass of beer a day.

Sure am, due on January 10th. :slight_smile:

As to looking at you funny they need to get over it …:smiley: the teaspoon or less you get partakin in the Cup is not harming anything!

What about just letting it touch your lips? is this sufficient?

Yes, that was the norm when I made my first communion. Don’t know how many parishes teach it that way.

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