Where can I get definitions of biblical terms such as righteous, anointed,… etc?

Dr. Scott Hahn’s Catholic Bible Dictionary is the gold standard, written by one of the most respected Catholic authors on the planet. But, like gold, it’s a bit spendy.

But the ancient science called “textual criticism” has exploded with the prevalence of computer technology. It is now possible to feed thousands of ancient texts into a computer and analyze, with great accuracy, which portions are original, which portions are copyist errors (known as “glosses”), which portions were added by some later writer, and all sorts of things. We know, for example, as absolute fact that the person who wrote the Epistle to the Hebrews was not the same person who wrote the Epistle to the Romans (even though both are attributed to St. Paul). Textual analysis which used to take weeks, months, or years can now be performed in seconds. We actually know MUCH more about ancient texts today than people who lived long ago.

Dr. Hahn’s book is a modern text written in the light of this incredible modern resource.

Also there is Father John Hardon’s Modern Catholic Dictionary.

Link to online version:

The Catechism of the Catholic Church has an extensive glossary.

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