Definitive answer needed on internet morality

:takethat::takethat:1. Is it wrong to watch or read anti-catholic information ont the internet
2. Is it wrong to watch an episode of a television show uploaded to sites like Youtube
3. Is it wrong to watch movies uploaded to websites like Youtube
4. Is it wrong to listen to music uploaded to Youtube by someone other than the artist or the record company
5. Is it wrong to watch crude comedic videos on the web ( vidoes that are not pornagraphic but contain nudity and extremly harsh language if not including nudity or anything of that nature for example)
6. Should Catholics avoid websites like Youtube altogether ( EWTN and Vatican material posted by them for example)
7. Should Catholics be extra scrupulous (not in the bad way, a better word would be tedious*) when using the internet
please I need these answered right away .takethat:

  1. No. It can help to defend your faith if you are aware of the opinions of those who oppose it. But, you must not allow your faith to be attacked on those sites. If your faith is attacked, or is at risk, prudence requires that you avoid them.
  2. If it is a broadcast edition of a show, no. If it is cable or pay-per-view, probably yes, since paid subscription is needed.
  3. If someone holds the copyright to it, and has not granted full and free us of it, yes.
  4. as above.
  5. Yes. What redemptive value can it possibly have?
  6. No. We are called by the Church to use them - but for proper purposes, not crude, worldly entertainment.
  7. We are called to use discretion in all areas of our lives.
  1. No. “Know your enemy,” as one might say. Although really, you shouldn’t consider these people your enemies, you should have compassion for them. But it’s good to KNOW what you’re arguing against, otherwise you’re just being ignorant.
  2. Depends if it’s an official upload.
  3. See answer 2.
  4. No. On most videos, you’ll notice a little thing next to it that links you to a location to download the song. Youtube has filters when you upload, they sorta detect what it is you’re uploading. They identify the song, and if the record company doesn’t want said song online, the video doesn’t get put up. If it’s on youtube, it’s pretty much been OK’d by the record company. Unlike with TV shows and movies, it’s actually VERY hard to get music up on youtube if the record companies don’t want you to.
  5. Thaaat all depends.
  6. No. Because that would be stupid. .__.
  7. I don’t think I’ve eeeever heard the phrase “extra scrupulous” be used in a good way.
  1. No. Reading that stuff makes you aware of the opposition’s ignorance. :stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Not really. You can’t save it for you computer in case your ISP goes bust for one thing.
  3. Same with #2.
  4. Same with #2.
  5. People might argue that it is an occasion of sin.
  6. Not really, just the comments of its trolls seeing how its population now resembles 4chan.
  7. Scrupulous is already a “bad way” in of itself. I think the term you are looking for is prudence.

I wish I had better translation skills to show here the great posts about the matter of copyrights and online sharing from the Spanish forums.

The first maybe can work for some people, but yes, I think is important to apologist and the like to know what kind of things are the rivals saying.

Blessings !!!


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