Deism: Let's Discuss


So I have been reading a little bit on this theological philosophy known as Deism. It believes in reason and nature. For reference on the ideaology goto

I have to admit it makes alot of sense to me. It at leats admits that something cannot come from nothing, thus a creator…God.
The nice thing about Deism is that it doesn’t say Mohammed is this or Jesus is that…it is about God. It doesn’t make accusations like “we know God chose these people to be special” or “God will smite you”.

It is about seeing God in nature. We can never fully know God and his desires or demands. There are thousands of religions. Prove to me that Christianity is the right one, or Islam, or Wiccan. The problem is, you can’t. Deism allows you some sense of freedom from guilt over things that honestly seem trite.

I know God exists because like I said, something can’t come from nothing. But does God answer prayers…I think he provides what is needed and can help. Do I think God has angels, helpers, etc…its possible, i’m not God though so I don’t know.

This is alot of rambling, but let’s discuss…in charity of course…:smiley:



A lot of times I think to myself that if I were not Catholic, I would most likely be a deist. The main thing I take issue with their philosophy (if I understand it correctly) is they believe that once God created the universe He just left it alone. But maybe that’s a contested issue for them?


There is no dogma saying if God left us alone or not. Some may believe that, some may not. Honestly, I think there is divine providence, and God knows our needs, but it doesn’t mean that prayers asking for things work.

It is hard to look at all the religions and go okay, this one makes the most sense to me, even though there are some very serious contradictions and things that just don’t add up.



I used to think that, too. But it is possible with determination. You can never prove something conclusively, of course, but you can add up the evidence for any case.

As for contradictions, just make sure you know that religion’s definite positions on things (if they exist) before judging whether it contradicts itself.


I disagree that you cant prove something conclusively. For example, the world is a sphere, it is not flat.

Contradictions happen…period. It doesn’t mean that something is completely untrue, but it does mean something is not right in how the story/belief system/etc is put together.



I meant regarding matters of faith.


I guess I don’t understand completely what you’re saying… Could you give me an example?

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