Delaware 2017: Joe Biden Recounts Letting Children Play with His ‘Wet Leg Hair’ as Lifeguard

This was just plain wierd of Joe to had run around saying back then (which is resurfacing now).

Delaware 2017: Joe Biden Recounts Letting Children Play with His ‘Wet Leg Hair’ as Lifeguard

Joe Biden

Joel Pollak/Breitbart News


2 Dec 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden bragged at a 2017 event about letting children play with his “wet leg hair” as a lifeguard, according to recently resurfaced video.

Biden, who has been known to regale voters with confusing and often inappropriate statements, told the story about his “leg hair” when attending a ceremony renaming a community pool in his honor in Wilmington, Delaware. At the time, Biden had just left the vice presidency, and the ceremony was viewed by city officials as a way to recognize his long career in public service. The event, however, quickly took a strange turn when the then-74-year-old former vice president began to share stories from his youth, particular his time as a lifeguard at the pool being named in his honor. . . . .

. . . Video of the speech, which was posted online by a local NBC affiliate, came back into the spotlight on Sunday after numerous individuals shared the clip of Biden talking about his “leg hair” on social media. Many of those seeing the clip for the first time made no effort to hide their shock and distaste for Biden’s comments . . .

Between this, and
the Legend of Corn Pop, and
Joe running around without any clothes on at his pool with a female secret service member present . . .

. . . is just plain goofy.

Someone better tell Biden to stay away from pools and to quit talking about them as well.


Oh my gosh. Joe needs to follow a script!!! . . .


The “No Malarkey” tour of Joe’s naturally begins with . . . . “Malarkey”.


Joe Biden Kicks Off ‘No Malarkey’ Tour Lying About Meeting Kim Jong-un

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event in Council Bluffs, Iowa, Saturday. Photo: Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Joshua Lott/Getty Images


2 Dec 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off his “No Malarkey” tour of Iowa over the weekend by lying about having “spent a lot of time” with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Biden, who has been known to embellish portions of his personal and political life on the campaign trail, flubbed the nature of his relationship withthe North Korean strongman on Sunday at a town hall in Carroll, Iowa. The event, part of Biden’s highly publicized 18-county “No Malarkey” bus tour of Iowa, was supposed to showcase the former vice president’s candor and authenticity as he tries to mount a comeback in the first caucus state . . .

. . . . The 77-year-old Biden told those assembled, “You’re going to have assume that position the moment they are sworn in, in January 2020, and know the rest of the world knows that person, in this case me, and that I know them,” . . . .

. . . Putin has no illusions about whether I know him or not, Kim Jong Un has no person that I don’t know or not, the same with the president of China, Xi Jinping,
I spent a lot of time with these folks. They know, they know.

Despite touting his readiness and familiarity with the foreign heads of state, Biden, in fact, had never met all those leaders he invoked in Iowa. Although the former vice president interacted with both Putin and Xi Jinping on numerous occasions throughout the Obama administration, his claims to have spent time with Kim Jong-un have no basis. A review of Biden’s public schedules from the Obama-era White House indicate no meeting between the two men ever took place.

Biden’s inaccurate comments about having “spent a lot of time” with the North Korean leader elicited rebuke . . .

. . . Some also noted the irony that Biden started off his “No Malarky” tour by lying to voters about his dealings with Kim Jong-un. . . .

Bold mine.

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When I was a child I played Hide And Seek, not Wet Leg Hair.

Maybe it’s a regional thing?


:rofl::rofl::rofl:…thanks for the laugh!

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And we are perfectly okay with “grab em’”, so, why is this even a story.


Apparently this happened when he was still a teen.

Teen boys do silly things.

I wouldn’t expect a meeting to show up on the White House schedule. Given their respective ages, clearly Joe is implying a young Kim played with his leg hair as a youth. And you dont truly know a man until you have tousled his leg hair.


Wow, what a rambling mess of a “speech.”

I couldn’t even make it through the whole thing. :flushed:


Wonder if dementia is setting in?. I agree an incoherent rambling.The fact that his leg hair is pertinent to his elegibility as a POTUS is a real head scratcher.


Well, my initial reaction was the press is being inaccurate, as is so often the case. It’s hard to trust the press these days. Then again it is Joe Biden, with his many colorful gaffs.

Sometimes with what is said, I wonder if the former VP got ahold of his son’s crack pipe.

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Here is Joe talking about his swimming pool days again (via Mark Dice) . . .

(Or you can begin at 51 seconds into the bitchute video below.)

“And by the way, ya know I sit on the stand and it get hot. I got a lotta, I got hairy legs that turned — that, that, that, that — turned ah um blond in the sun. And the kids used to come up and reach into the pool and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come come back up again and look at it. So I learned about roaches and I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap.”– Currently the leading Democrat presidential contender for the 2020 election, Joe Biden


Political satirist Mark Dice on the
Joe Biden “No Malarkey” tour . . . .



So who needs Ukraine to dig up dirt when you have such funny CAF posters?

I don’t think what he did as a teen lifeguard is really the issue,
it’s about how he’s still reminiscing on it now.


Does Joe think before he opens his mouth? He makes such weird statements
sometimes. He is not dumb, but I sure don’t think he makes a good candidate
for president.


Sara Gonzales gives her input into Joe’s leg hair story (from her Sara Gonzales Unfiltered channel - and couples it with a montage of other video “precious moments”) . . . .


For whatever reason, I was unaware of
Joe recently impetously start sucking on his wife’s finger on stage
apparently at his "No Malarkey” kickoff talk.

Here is THAT just plain odd behavior.

Yes, he said it, but it’s been taken completely out of context to make it sound like he is some kind of a pedophile.

do_justly_love_mercy . . .

Yes, he said it, but it’s been taken completely out of context to make it sound like he is some kind of a pedophile.

I never thought of Joe as a pedophile on account of this.

I don’t think anyone else here has said anything about Joe and children on account of this either.

It would be weird to talk about adults stroking your leg hairs too.

But I invite you to go ahead and provide any context where you think this is reasonable fodder for a speech.

The fake accent from Joe was ridiculous too.
If you want to provide context for the accent too, feel free to do so as well.


I am not here to try to justify everything that Joe Biden has ever said or done and nor would I want to. But when Breitbart runs a story on a Joe Biden speech and the main things they pick out are that he let children play with his leg hair and that he loves children jumping into his lap, it is obvious that they are trying to make out that he is creepy. If you read the Tweets embedded in the article you will see that that is the line they are going down.

You forgot to mention the made up meeting with Kim Jon Un. This featured prominently, in fact it was in the headline of the article.

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