‘Deleted’ families: The details about what went wrong with Trump’s family-separation activities


I doubt that… I just dont understand and don’t know how to find out…


Possibly due to copyright violations … ?


Do you have any idea how to find out?


@camoderator may be able to answer…


I sent an email there… in fact I sent two but got no response… maybe i’ll get one eventually…

I suppose I could repost it…


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Update: This topic was reopened for another day although I don’t understand what happened.


If you quoted the entire story in your several original posts, that might be a copyright problem. It could be nothing more than that.


It could be that, but I don’t think so. It seems as if that would have been explained to me. Anyway, I did get a message from a moderator; but I am confused - and I’ll leave it at that.




There is a failure to acknowledge that underage criminals are entering the United States … call then what you will … MS-13 … whatever … but they have to be acknowledged and stopped.


A failure by whom?


Thank you for speaking up.


You’re very welcome. Who is failing to acknowledge that criminals go back and forth across our southern border?


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