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Phrased differently, why do you think it would be a sin?

No, I do not think there is any "sin" aspect to what you describe.

If she's being lazy, that's not a good thing. If she spends all her hours at the mall buying 500 pairs of shoes, ditto. I think auditioning for "Housewives of Orange County" might be an example of someone whose time on earth is not being particularly well-spent, but based on what you are describing, the actions seem to fall into the category of being neutral, i.e., not really noteworthy one way or the other.


Not anymore than it is a sin to have a trust fund and not have a job.


No I don't think it is a sin for a wife to be a childless homemaker.

Whether she is using her time well, is another question, but this would depend on what she was doing with it. And unless she was causing her husband financial trouble or neglecting their marriage who are other people to comment.

For some wives without children being a homemaker may be the best or only choice eg if they have certain health problems or have responsibilities for dependent relatives who are not living with her and her husband.


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