Deleting my Facebook

Anybody else done this? I am about to do it :slight_smile:

I realised its only a platform for my own vanity and others’ too. And I don’t ever speak to people, and hardly know most of them anymore!

I have a Facebook page that I need to login to a game news website, but that’s it. No photos of me or nothing. :slight_smile:

I deleted my MySpace page a long time ago. I needed it to keep in contact with a group I’m part of, but I decided I’d rather have no MySpace than have contact with the group.

Personally, I hate them both!

I gave facebook up last Lent…but that is the closest I’ll come to giving it up. Facebook is fun :thumbsup:

I have facebook and think it is fun. I did a bunch of the games for awhile, but gave those up. Right now the only people I have are people I know personally, family, friends etc. I never did just invite anyone, and agree to be just anyone’s friends.

I do have family pictures on my facebook and share with extended family all over the USA. Facebook can be addicting if you play all the games and start buying in the games with real money to level up. For everyone I have on there, it is just a way to share our lives with family and friends. We evern pray for each other on facebook.

I closed out my FB account about 6 weeks ago. I had opened it in April last and found I was was looking at it too often as well as taking it much too seriously. So I quit.
Don’t miss it one bit either. :cool:

I’ve entertained the thought. But I do use it to keep up with a few out of state relatives, and it’s a good way to share pictures and such with my mom, and other less than computer literate people in the family.

I DO kind of wish I hadn’t accepted friend requests from a lot of people on there though. Mainly old high school acquaintances that I don’t really talk to. There are a few here and there I’ve genuinely reconnected with, and I’m glad I did. But most never say anything - some I never even really knew back in school. I want to do a massive purge of my friends list, but my wife admonishes me and says that would be mean. So, instead, I’ve got my friend lists separated into categories, and limit what I post to certain groups - ie, family, church, high school, co-workers, etc. I don’t see news posts from people I don’t consider “friends in real life”, and they don’t see stuff from me.

Facebook is another way to keep up with my son who is away at college. I sometimes play bejeweled to much though:)

There are also some good “friends” like the USCCB, some parishes have accounts and send out info about what is going on, a few of the organizations I belong to also send out messages. Its a good way to keep up with my adult kids and other family members. I have re connected with some long lost friends, and I love seeing pictures of my niece and nephews who live out of state. I am even thinking of starting an account for our parish so I too can send out announcements. IT’s a great way to reach a lot of parishioners.

It’s a love hate relationship. I hate the drama and the status updates and how I at times end up saying things I would never say in person or post things or see things from other people that really I should not see etc.

It’s also something that can get you into trouble with jobs now and your Facebook is never really private since one of your frineds always knows someone who knows someone who finds someway to see what’s really on your Facebook or what you really think of someone, your photos, etc.

However, as much as I hate it, I like the ability to have all the photos and keep in contact with people easily. And for the most part, any drama is just a click block away or an ignore and then in time, people forget what was said.

Well, just remember that whatever you say/post on FB is there forever and the “privacy” policy basically says FB owns all the information it can gather about you in perpetuity as well as the copyright to anything you post.

Btw, my brother is a lawyer & it is now standard for lawyers to Google potential jurors, check out their Facebook, Twitter, &c.

Yes, I have a FB page, I created a separate Gmail acct for it that I use for nothing else. I originally started it to follow some organisations and news sources but of course family members thought I was being snotty not friending them so it has turned into just what I didn’t want.

Here’s an interesting (rather paranoid) Youtube video.

I also ran across an article, How to delete yourself from the internet:

I’m hardly ready for that; I’m about to go in hospital for more than a week and I may go nuts from a combo of cabin fever and Web deprivation.

Thanks for the replies!

I deleted it! Yay! I just didn’t need it anymore, and it wasn’t good for my life I mean… I would spend 5 hours on it just looking at a screen. How lame. Would rather be more on CAF than read another status about so and so who got super drunk last night. Yay.

It’s also something that can get you into trouble with jobs now and your Facebook is never really private

So true! There was a guy who worked at the same place I do. He was quiet and nice to everyone. Through another FB “friend”, I saw some of his posts. Whoa!!! I never looked at anything he put up again.
'Course, I don’t deal with it anymore anyway…:smiley:

I like facebook but I had more of an addiction with youtube so I quit that.

Have you ever thought that spending that amount of time on a computer, socializing, is not good for you, no matter what you’re looking at?

Join date: Feb
Posts: over 1200.

Me: April
Posts: Under 500.

Not being mean, just saying. I was using hyperbolic language.

Yep, do it! It’s liberating!

My husband and I both deleted our accounts 2 weeks ago. I realized that I was checking it WAY too much, and using it in an unhealthy way- looking at people’s walls just to be snarky, getting into Facebook arguments with others, etc. I feel that it was just too much drama. As far as keeping in touch with friends, well, the friends that I’m really close to have my real e-mail address and phone number for catching up.

As a friend said, “Who cares if the guy you sat next to in French thinks it’s a nice day outside?”

haha, I spend more time here on a daily basis than I do on facebook!

This might sound weird, but I like Facebook because it holds me accountable. As a recent college graduate, I have many friends of many ages on there. I “grew up” on FB. Now, because of the wide variety of people I have on there (family, friends, college/high school friends, co-workers, etc) I am careful of what I say and do. I don’t attend functions where people are taking pictures that will “come back to haunt me”- not because of FB, but FB is kind of what makes me stop and ask “why??”

I used to play way to many games on there, but I’ve cut back to just one (on occasion.) I use to to keep up with different people, I use it to have photos that I and others have taken. It was great when I recently got married- I could get all the pictures people took and the people who couldn’t attend got to see them too!

Facebook is a tool, and so is Myspace, plus any of the other social interaction networks. Catholic Answers Forums is a tool too, by the way.
Therefore, with any tool its how you use it.
Saying that these social networks are “for my own personal vanity” is also implying that the tome of any opus is for the vanity of the author.
Yes, some of those that use these networks will abuse it, and those that play the games that tend to want to post a myriad of spam onto your wall can be a big turn off but it also can be a tool for the use of keeping in touch with those that you know. I think of the posting as little banners for what is going on in their lives and uses them as alert for when something serious comes up.
I had an aunt die recently and we used Facebook to get in touch with those relatives that have move out of state and keep them posted. At that point, Facebook was a God sent.

I have facebook because that is how i keep up with every one in my hometown i now live over a thousand miles away from where i grew up however i only look at it about once a week or so sometimes even less than that

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