Deliberate consent? (yes, another sin question)


Just curious:
One of the three things that makes a sin mortal, according to what I’ve read, is deliberate consent.

What is the culpability of someone who:

  1. Committed a grave sin while under the influence of alcohol, which one deliberately drank;
    b) if that person was an alcoholic and struggling to overcome it, but is human and fails at times;
  2. Has mental illness of some sort;
  3. Combination of 1 & 2?

If a mortal sin is committed, do those factors above need to be mentioned to the priest when making a confession? Not to try to get ‘out of’ the sin, but for the priest to counsel you, and advise you penance and absolve you of your sins, to know if they are mortal with full culpability or partial culpability? I am not speaking of sins such as murder.



How you might confess without sounding like you are trying to get out of sin:

  1. “Under the influence of alcohol, I committed x sin x times.”
    b) “I struggle with alcoholism and committed x sin x times while under the influence.”
  2. “I have x disorder and committed x sin x times.”
  3. Mix and match the above.

Your priest is the best person to discuss your culpability with. :slight_smile:

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