Deliberately debating a mortal sin

If a person was to deliberately debate about whether or not to commit a mortal sin, would they be mortally sinning by the inner act of debating, or would they have to consent to actually doing or planning to do the gravely sinful act?

I will give you an example. Let’s say for the moment that I was debating whether or not to skip Easter Mass. I deliberately was debating whether or not to go, but I hadn’t yet decided I wouldn’t go. After some deliberation, I conclude that I will after all go to Mass on Easter. Would I have committed a mortal sin in that instance?

Really interesting question.
I am not sure of the answer; my guess is that this could be temptation and then temptation overcome,but really I am not sure; it might also depend on how exactly the thoughts are going… And: What if, after debating, a person does consent to it (decides not to go to mass, for example), but then changes their mind again. Hm. I am curious what people will answer!

Your mind is a place where you are free to work out problems, such as what is right or wrong. Inner debates are fine.

I don’t think it would be a mortal sin. It might be a… other type of sin which name escapes me at the moment to have that debate. If a thought crosses your mind ‘man, I wish I could get out of mass today,’ I think that’s fine, no sin at all. Its when you start actively thinking of reasons not to that you are in slightly questionable ground.

Jesus solved this when he told the parable of the 2 sons. One said he would work in the field but didn’t. The other said no but later on did go & work. Jesus said the second son did his father’s will.

No sin!

It comes down to what you consider a mortal win. What others and other Catholics call a sin, there might be others that see no problem with that and don’t consider it a sin. Similar to every religion.

If a occasional debate with ones self whether I will choose to commit a mortal sin or not IS mortal sin, where does temptation fit into the situation? There would be no such thing. Is not a lot of temptations a internal debate whether or not to sin? I want to sin sometimes. I want to get drunk sometimes, I want to look at pictures of half naked women sometimes. I have to debate myself out of doing it sometimes. I hear my co-workers talking about strip clubs a lot. They go with each other sometimes on Friday after work. I have to debate myself out of going to strip clubs. I am a man and the thought of naked women in front of me, even touching them, Is appealing to my mind. I wish it were not but it is. I don’t think asking “Should I?” but then deciding, “No!” is a sin. I am human and I must constantly remind myself that I renounced Satan at baptism and made a covenant with our Lord and I must remain obedient to him. I have to debate myself in my mind sometimes.

one thing maybe that could be dangerous is allowing oneself TOO DEEP into the counterargumentative side, that might then be near occasion of sin (for example, if one allows oneself to think up reasons for not going to mass)… or am I wrong?

So somebody who knows that thinking about it too much (whether or not to go to mass, for example) might lead him (because it has been so in the past) to NOT go, that person should try not to allow himself to deabte about it too much…?

If believe that if during your debate with yourself you had freely and deliberately chosen or willed to skip Mass, then you’d have a mortal sin on your hands that would need to be confessed. If you had *fully consented *to such a thought with sufficient reflection, then you’d be guilty of mortal sin, but if you were only tempted to skip mass and were negligent in fighting the temptation, then I believe your sin was venial I don’t know your culpability, so the best thing I can tell you is to speak with a traditional priest in confession. God bless you.

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