Delicious-sounding burger has communion wafer - sacrilegious?


Local restaurant uses unconsecrated communion wafer - should we be angered?


As long as its unconsecrated, I don’t see why we should be bothered by it. I met a guy once who would snack on them unconsecrated.


how did they obtain them? Did they order them from a religious supply company?

I find this offensive and this restaurant should reconsider what they are doing…


I find the message offensive. Hopefully, this was not a consecrated host.


I think you can by them at Costco in GIGANTIC bags. Seriously. I know you can buy them on


From the article:

A restaurant official admitted to the Chicago Tribune that some people have expressed concern about the burger.

“The thing with this is, the communion wafer is unconsecrated, so until that happens, it’s really just a cracker,” Director of Operations Luke Tobias told the Tribune.


Like he said, it is JUST a cracker. :shrug:


From the article it sounds like they are doing this as a salute to “blasphemous activities” (perhaps they meant “sacrilegious activities”, as I’m not sure what would constitute a blasphemous activity other than speaking or writing blasphemy, and this certainly seems to be referring to Eucharistic sacrilege).

In spite of the fact that no actual sacrilege is committed the message is one of support for sacrilege, so I would not reward them by buying the burger. Really I would avoid eating there at all as long as they serve it. The red wine reduction does sound like it might be good on a burger, though in this case it is obviously meant to refer to the Precious Blood and so in context it is about as bad as the unconsecrated host.


It could however provoke scandal – you know it’s okay; others around you don’t necessarily know that.

Personally, I don’t understand why unconsecrated, bland, dry, bland host would be anyone’s first choice as a snack, but to each his own.


Very offensive to be honest but I guess that’s on them. I can only pray that the Lord will bring the purveyor closer to Him. I’ve said/done things in the past that was about as stupid. :wink:


As mentioned in my previous post, the message it sends is offensive. Thanks for spelling out what I was generally thinking.


Even when I was going to school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, altar breads could be had at some corner stores. I never found them particularly tasty but kids seemed to love them. Then again, how tasty are plain rice cakes? There is certainly a market for those - even if I think it’s like eating styrofoam.


The Poles use oblatki as a means of communion around Christmas time. This is an unconsecrated wafer and has exactly the same composition as one which can become consecrated.

So no crime committed unless there is fraud or misrepresentation.


I can only imagine if they did something to offend Islam.

The progressives would be storming ahead of CAIR in rage left and right.


I am with you. I sincerely believe that we receive the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus in communion. I have a harder time believing that anyone would really call a pressed wafer of wheat paste bread. Calling a rice cake cake is also strange to me. Neither would be my first choice for a snack or dessert.

It would be really hard for a commercial establishment to get consecrated hosts in volume without breaking into a church and stealing them from the tabernacle. I would not assume this was being done.


When I was around seven or eight years old, I discovered that the wafer fish food I used for my goldfish tasted kind of like the Host at church. It was white, came as several rectangular sheets of food, and what you did was break a little into small pieces for the fish to eat. My fish really loved them and so did I. It was kind of novel to eat fish food. Of course, we always made sure to have extra on hand because they were always so hungry!


No, you cannot buy these at Costco.

Some may belittle this, but we’ve gotten to the point where its fair game to attack the Catholic church with no outcry except from Catholics. Imagine doing something like this to an Islamic symbol or sacred Jewish symbol. In today’s society, the Catholic Church can be attacked. I think we are on our way, slowly but surely to outright persecution. It might take a few more years or even decades but it starts somewhere. (and btw, I know the consecrated host is not a symbol).



The poster said, she thought you could buy them at Costco.

I just did a search. You CAN get them at Amazon.


It’s an ill wind that blows no good. Let’s think about this:

10 Criticisms of the Burger

If they’re going with unconsecrated communion wafers as a garnish … shouldn’t the
sandwich be “lamb”?

It honors the band “Ghost” which the article says specializes in the blasphemous.

It’s named Ghost BC, when communion wafers are definitely AD. The “Melchizadek BC”?

A combination of Goat and Beef? Naaaah!

Since this is in Chicago, can’t they call it a “Windy’s”? Now that’s better.

Will it be like Oriental food … and an hour later you feel like you’ve fasted?

Unwary Athiests will be exposed to the unexpected cross and sue this restaurant into oblivion.

The restaurant may find that despite this novel distribution of unconsecrated communion wafers, many Protestant patrons will still prefer their Church version of same.

Hearing unfunny loud people announcing “God that was good!” night after night is going to get old real fast.

Though it got them publicity, the perceived “blasphemous” aspect of the stunt will eventually lose them more customers than they gained in the short term.

10 Positive Side Effects

People will remember to say Grace more.

It’s a reminder that God is everywhere.

And a reminder of both the Old and New Testament Sacrifices

May make people hunger for REAL Communion.

It’s always nice to see a cross.

It represents the ultimate rebuttal to “Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!”

Vegans will be able to eat at least a part of this.

Frightened sinners may repent, thinking they’ve seen an appearance.

Perfect for St. Patty’s Day. There’s no sacrament there … but there is a cross and a patty.

Fried goat may call people’s mind to Matthew 25. And lead some to do corporal works of mercy.

And … :slight_smile:


Right, and I informed her that you cannot buy these at Costco. :shrug:


While obviously (since it is unconsecrated) not “officially” sacrilege, this bothers me.

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