the relevent information is on this website, the prayer im speaking of is there if you scroll near the bottom
i thought the Church recently released a document saying the faithful could not use statements such as “I” or “We” but we must ask the Father in Jesus’ name to cast out devils or to perform healings.
Why has the Church issued this statement, does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Is it still ok to pray such prayers and say things like “In Jesus’ name I cast you out” or “In Jesus’ name I claim the victory over…” etc.
Especially with this particular exorcism prayer (which CAN be used I guess as a formal solemn exorcism but not necessarily)
To all those who are unfamiliar with what I am speaking about, please don’t mess with it! Dangerous stuff. The webpage explains that too. But does anyone with experience/knowledge in Church law have any insight?

God BLESS, Mary Keep


That site could use some deliverance:


o dang lol
yeah definitely didnt know that.
well ok, even so! ive seen the exorcism prayer in other places.
the question still stands.
how come the church wants us only using certain statements in deliverence/healing and can that particular prayer of exorcism really be said by even laypeople?

God Bless

p.s. havemercy, the part of the site you linked reminded me of Don Bosco’s dream about the boat between the two pillars and the Pope trying with all his might to steer the boat between them. the boat being the Church and the two pillars being Jesus in the Eucharist (taller pillar) and Mary (shorter pillar) the Church is under such immense attack now from EVERYBODY, its ridiculous. God have mercy on us and may he blessed Pope Benedict with strength and determination


From my understanding, exorcisms can only be done by priest, who are given permission by the Bishop.

It’s not something lay people should dable in.

Nuff said.



thank you for your response.
yes i do know solemn exorcism is only to be by a bishop appointed priest. but i mention only this particular prayer.
and the heart of what im getting at is why does the Church not want the laity using statements such as “I declare in Jesus’ name” or other (are they called didactatory?) like phrases.



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