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Why would a Catholic want to be a Mason anyways? I’d rather have a sword & tux than a stinking apron.


[quote=Lillith]Hello Eireann! My father-in-law is a mason…and before I met my husband he considered joining. They are of the Baptist faith. Is it wrong for any Christian to be a mason…or do protestants have no trouble with it? I am really confused and when my husband asked me I was unable to give him any clear explanation as to why it is unallowed…save to say that the mason’s began as an anti-catholic organization…today they appear as a “men’s club” kinda like what Fred Flinstone attends…


I believe most Protestant denominations also recognize the occultic links to Masonry and avoid it, but not all. Baptists, in particular, appear to be having an internal struggle regarding their position on masonry. While many see it as occultic and want to ban it officially, it appears that about a third of all Southern Baptists belong to the Masons and are fighting to have it officially accepted. Here are a few links worth reading if you are interested in Baptist positions on Freemasonry:

Also, it appears that Masons are actively promoting a false “gnostic” Christ via the Jesus Seminar which is built on Masonic books. See that first link I posted for more info.



I had mentioned earlier in this thread that the Lord delivered me from masonry. I’d like to share my wonderment at the signs of encouragement He showed me.

It was a long awakening from where I had been. A very slow conversion indeed. I was struggling with all that I had seen and read. My faith was in crisis.

One day I had painful pains in my chest. As you might imagine this lead me to the ER. They couldn’t explain it.

Some weeks later, it happened again in the doctor’s office. Back to the ER.

After being released from the hospital, (still not knowing what was causing these pains), my wife was driving me back home. I was very dicouraged, and called out to Jesus.

Immediately after my prayer, I felt a “hand” on my shoulder. I was at peace. He was with me. And I never wanted to leave Him. Praise God!

Over the next weeks He guided me back to the Catholic Church. A friend told me about the Divine Mercy. I prayed the novena, and prepared for confession. On the way there in my car, I was overcome with guilt and fear.

I heard these words: “Don’t be afraid, I am with you.”

I was smiling through tears. I made my confession and laid my sins at the cross. Thank You Jesus!

Some weeks later, paperwork was finally returned, and I was officially out of masonry.

Working in the yard one day, a small child noticed I was wearing a crucifix. “Who’s that?” she asked. “That’s Jesus,” I said. “Do you go to church?” she asked. I affirmed, and she asked, “Can I go with you?” I told her to ask her parents, as the child was a stranger to me.

Long story short, we’ve been attending services together with sometimes as many as 2 other children for the past several months.

One beautiful summer day, she and some friends came to my house to visit. It was nearly 3:00 (the hour of mercy), and I explained that I needed to pray. I told them they could stay and pray, or play outside.

Through His goodness, 5 children prayer the chaplet of Divine Mercy that day. The oldest child was 10 years old. They had so many questions, and it was such a wonderful experience to guide them to the answer. Glory to God!

I think of what I was doing as a mason, and compare it to what I am doing as an active Catholic. There is no comparasin. There is so much joy in serving the Lord through the service of others.

The little girl’s parents came over to the house a couple of days ago and asked my wife and I to be godparents to both their children- the mother is considering Catholic baptism as well.

Another child asked for help with a broken bicycle outside our house. He also noticed the crucifix, and had questions.

He has been praying the chaplet of divine mercy with me often after school is out.

Please consider saying a quick prayer for me that the Lord will bless my family, help us to grow in love and knowledge of Him, and guide us with these little children He is bringing to us.

Praise the Lord!

P.S. Please remember children in your prayers. Many of them hunger for the Lord, but live in homes that do not attend church. God will make a way for them! I’m convinced that prayer is the answer.


I just thought I’d add this little bit of info for anyone who hasn’t seen it and in hopes that some confusion may be laid to rest.

"On November 26, 1983, the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stated, “The Church’s negative position on Masonic associations…remains unaltered since their principles have always been regarded as irreconcilable with the Church’s doctrine… Catholics enrolled in Masonic associations are involved in serious sin and may not approach Holy Communion.” This statement was specifically approved by Pope John Paul II.

        In March, 1985, "L'Osservatore Romano," the Vatican's newspaper, also called Masonry and Christianity incompatible.  The article said that Masonry was much more than an association of men of good will.  It also involves moral obligations for its members, a rigid discipline of mystery and a climate of secrecy that put its members at risk of becoming pawns of strategies unknown to them.

        Although the movement had sprung up at the end of the Middle Ages, Freemasonry, as we know it today, began in 1717 in London with the establishment of the Grand Lodge of England.  A little more than two decades later, Pope Clement XII forbade Catholic memberships in these lodges.  Since then, seven other popes have reiterated the Church's opposition to Freemasonry.

        Presently, there are an estimated 6 million Masons worldwide; 4 million of them live in the United States."

Source: Taken from an article in THE A.D. TIMES
(Newspaper of the Diocese of Allentown, PA)
[font=Times New Roman]DECEMBER 7, 1989[/font]


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