Deluged with prayer intentions

There is so much I want to pray for - and that sometimes I’ve been asked to pray for or about - and before I can stay focused for very long with one batch of intentions, more things happen. Disasters, people’s illnesses or problems, needs in the world, needs in my own life. I guess I should start a list like in a little notebook and carry it with me. But I don’t want it to be too decipherable, if you know what I mean, because there are some things - such as conversions - if it fell out of my purse and the person in question picked it up and recognized their initials or whatever, it’d open a can of worms. :eek:

My memory is so over-full, for many reasons. I don’t want to fail to fulfill these prayer intentions. I feel like they “fall off the conveyor belt” after a few days as new ones come up. Yes, God knows I thought of the intention at the beginning, but I want to pray persistently, hence the idea of keeping a book or other type of record. (I don’t have a smartphone or tablet at this time, so for now I’m thinking of low-tech paper.)

Anyway, I get frustrated with myself for forgetting prayer intentions so easily. Ideas from those who’ve been in this position?

I heard someone on the radio address this recently - I think it was Cardinal Dolan. He said he keeps a note book of things people have asked him to pray for. At night, he usually goes through the book but at times there isn’t enough time or he is very tired. In those cases, he asks God to remember the intentions in the book as a whole.

The previous post on individual requests looks a great idea.

I haven’t quite been in your position in that I haven’t had lots of specific prayer requests but have ended up with very lengthy prayers that ended in a muddle. Slowly, I thought about what I was praying for and in my mind moved some requests together. I realised, I could not pray for everyone or each situation individually each day. After careful thought, some of my prayer requests were the same e.g. my prayers for Christians in Egypt were the same as those in Syria and would be the same for Christians throughout the World. Each day I pray for Christians persecuted throughout the world, not carelessly but carefully and heartfelt. The same for sinners, the Church, Souls in Purgatory etc. I just try not to be rigid and over-prescriptive so as to leave room to be flexible. The baseline is the same, the words different and sometimes specific names or groups are added.

The individuals I pray for daily are the same (includes Pope Francis, of course) but sometimes, I will add some other people, but not always every day as I trust that God heard me and knows my limitations.

That works for me mostly, but I admit to another prayer which runs along the lines of “O Holy Spirit, if I have forgotten anyone, please remind me”. By the time I have finished the Hail Mary, I am often saying “Excuse me Father, I forgot …”.

I find keeping a prayer list/journal works best. I’m not consistent about doing this, but it does help. What I find it most helpful for is tracking answered prayers. Even if the answers come in parts or months later, it is very good to see God working in our lives.

I don’t though think it is necessary to mention every name and recall every detail about a situation in order to pray for it. I learned a trick from a protestant friend which is when you say you’ll pray for someone/something,then do it right then! Then later if I am tired or forgetful, I don’t worry so much. I do group prayers (like for all the persecuted Christians)and say things like “for all the intentions of my friends/family today.”

PS - with a prayer book, you don’t have to carry it around with you. Just keep a small notebook by your bed.

When someone asks me to pray for them or someone else, I immediatly ask the Blessed Mother to keep them in her prayers for me too. She never forgets. Then at daily Mass I place “All those who have asked me for prayers, those whom I have promised to pray for, those who need my prayers and those who have no one to pray for them”, on the Paten and in the Chalice at the time of Consecration. The same when I say the Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet. If it is something urgent, I say special prayers for that intention. You are all included in my daily prayers and Mass. God Bless and Holy, Blessed New Year, Memaw

I guess the book or list method is probably going to be it, and I’m glad it comes with a recommend from Cardinal Dolan. :yup: I was discussing this with another friend this afternoon - who prays for lots of people too. Something she said made me think I could come up with some symbols, a very easy code, for those whose names for whatever reason I might not want to write out. Shapes like stars, hearts, something like that. I know, don’t make it like a CIA mission, but in some cases discretion is required. :o I’ll probably still need to carry it with me since some of the requests come when I’m out and about, and I have to write everything down or I forget. I’m trying to get away from the “pocketful of little scraps of paper with notes” problem in general . . . they accumulate like flocks of birds around here. :rolleyes:

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