Delusional COVID Truthers Try to Invade Hospital Where This Mom Died Too Soon

Delusional COVID Truthers Try to Invade Hospital Where This Mom Died Too Soon

They don’t believe the ICU at Utah Valley Hospital is full of coronavirus patients. If only they were right.
Michael Daly Special Correspondent
Published Nov. 18, 2020

A big red heart fashioned with five dozen Post-its was in one of the windows of the intensive care unit at Utah Valley Hospital when the conspiracy theorists pulled into a parking lot that they found to be suspiciously empty.

The heart was placed there by nurses to mark the room where one of their own died on Oct. 30. Neonatal intensive care nurse Patrice Grossman, who was born at the same hospital where she worked, had predicted when COVID-19 first arrived in America that she would be among the fatalities. She and seven other family members, beginning with her baby grandson, contracted it at home from out-of-state house guests who believed the virus is no big deal.

That belief is shared by the conspiracy theorists who made repeated visits to the hospital in recent weeks. They decided that the small number of cars outside the Provo facility was evidence that the pandemic is a hoax. They entered the hospital with video cameras seeking to film what they believed would be an equally empty ICU.

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There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical, with believing the government may be overstepping themselves in shutdowns and so on. This is when it goes too far.

It’s something that we all deal with, we are all in this together. I myself, have tried to be as careful as possible.

Ultimately, I’m still read this… Perhaps these people did nothing illegal in the end.

The story has a spin, I’m not so sure about that and am not endorsing it, the basic story seems to be what happened.

I know some people have been real hostile about COVID.

Some businesses have also totally gone under over this. I know of one. I’m very sorry about that too.

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Covid19 is real.

People are exhausted.

We also don’t know who to believe anymore.

Bad combination.

Hard to know what is going on here unless you were there. If it is like my local hospital there is a LOT of security at the front, there is now a police unit and no less than 4 to 6 guards at all time at the entrance and guards patrolling corridors. I can’t imagine that being not the case in the US in a major hospital. Basically if you start being a nuisance right now you are going out that door on your bottom very quickly as I saw when I went for a real world appointment and one guy started growling about the coffee machines not working and creating a scene, he was only there for a brief appointment in the same clinic I attend for epilepsy and started grumbling at the nurse practitioner who runs it at she passed by. She pointed out the machines are out of service till further notice and that there was a coffee shop still open in the foyer (why that’s even allowed is another issue mind you…) he started back at her that he didn’t have cash for this and that she needed to ‘sort it out’. She is a veteran nurse and ignored it a few times and after about round three of this nonsense told him to quit it as he would be in an and out in a few minutes anyway and his address showed he lived nearby. This is a guy in his mid 30’s or so. He started getting shouty so she nodded to the receptionist and security just chucked him out and told him he is now delisted from the clinic and will have to see his GP to find another one to attend. He tried walking back towards the clinic and was told he would be forcibly removed by police if he tried that and arrested. Lots of shouting and throwing pamphlets about but he went.

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