DEM Primary Thread 2

Since impeachment has sucked the oxygen out of the room, here’s a thread on news about the Primary.


The Democratic Party is great at capturing the minority vote. In fact, the Democrats have been great at telling Hispanics, African Americans and women that they should automatically vote for the Democratic Party. People are finally waking up and realizing that their values align more with the Republican Party than the Democrats. And that has people campaigning hard for President Donald Trump’s reelection efforts.

“I look at President Trump as the one who most closely represents my values,” 65-year-old Ray Baca, the Chairman of Border Hispanics for Trump, told CNN.

“People will hear that and say ‘Values? What values does the president have.’ So when you say ‘values,’ what do you mean?” CNN’s Nick Valencia asked.

“I mean supporting things that I support, like being against abortion, being for limited government involvement, being for border security,” Baca explained.

Valencia asked how Baca could support Trump even though he has “said racist things about the Hispanic community.” But Baca disagreed.

“We don’t think he’s said things that are racist,” the Trump supporter replied.

Democrats have continually cited the president’s desire for border security and eliminating illegal immigration as him being “hate-filled” and “racist.”

Many Hispanics, especially those who have immigrated here through the legal channels, appreciate that Trump has brought light to the issue.

That is one of the likely reasons 29-year-old Blanca Binkley, a Mexico native, voted for President Trump in 2016. And she plans to do the same again in 2020.

“We need to get our Hispanic brethren to quit voting Democrat simply because that’s what they’ve always voted,” Baca told a small group of conservatives.


The guy probably does not own a TV much less cable TV. Probably greatful for a hat to wear in that blistering heat along the border.

About as much as farmers still voting for Trump where his trading policies have failed them.


Perhaps farmers aren’t as simple minded as you are projecting,
they see the longer term benefits from better trade deals

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Though that’s fantastic news to share :star_struck:
let’s keep this thread about the Dem primary candidates

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While it is not likely the 2020 Democratic nomination will be brokered in a backroom – rule changes have made that more difficult – it is possible that the convention could be contested, which means it would require more than one ballot to select a nominee.
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This thread already 8 days old. I wonder if anyone supports any of these Dem candidates and their policies, and are willing to vote for it in the 2020 election against what the Trump administration has accomplished…

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I won’t vote for Trump, but very well might vote for the Democratic candidate to prevent Trump from being elected.

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I’m wondering how many Displaced Puerto Rican people have relocated to Florida and registered to vote?

You Democrat voters better hope Bloomberg is not your candidate. This sort of thing will not go over well with the independent and Republican electorate.

As stated in the article, most Americans think “best” actually means “cheaper”.

Nor with Unions


A spokesman at the Democratic National Committee said, “Dead people have been voting for our candidates for a long time. It’s about time that we allow a dead person to run for office!”


Which Democratic candidates besides Gabbard have spoken in favor of bi-partisanship ?

I think Biden would go that way if elected, he’s not an ideologue, but he’s not talking about it while getting elected.

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Why is AOC flashing the WHITE POWER symbol?
Will she be censured, or is she untouchable?

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