Dementia sufferer forcibly euthanised in the Netherlands


I read this today with a great feeling of sadness. A woman in a care home (who was suffering from advanced dementia) was held down to have an IV inserted on the basis that when she was in sound mind, she’d made a living will to the effect that she would wish to be able to choose when she wanted to die. Obviously, someone with advanced dementia can’t make this decision. What have we come to in this world, when someone so vulnerable can be treated like this?


Where are the bishops?

Are there any laypeople or right-to-lifers speaking out against this?


Notice the doctor was given a formal reprimand. Also, Catholicism is very much a minority religion in the Netherlands. The Churches who are the majority ones in the area likely did speak out against it I imagine though. However, euthanasia or the right to die is becoming an accepted practice. Indeed, in some respects it always quietly has been. Doctors and nurses know well that at some point there is nothing to be done except ease a patient’s final moments. However, the doctor erred here by taking that responsibility and decision upon himself. Also, getting the patient’s own family to hold the elderly woman down is disgraceful and I notice the doctor retired during the course of this. Likely because he knows the book will be flung at him at some point and he is trying to exit gracefully from the scene.


Count me against! This has been coming for some time and threatened the United States also. Remember “Dr. Jack Kevorkian”? He had his handy-dandy death machine that he loaded into his van so he could make house calls. People began screaming to let him do his thing, he was being kind, caring, the “patients” wanted it. Yeah, right. He had a lawyer that became a cheap celebrity, making money. Yes, he was found guilty of murder and is serving in prison.

The evil doesn’t change - its always trying to convince people it isn’t evil!


I am broadly in favour of universal health care for a nation but there are serious risks when Christianity is taken out of the equation. The further the culture moves from Christianity the greater the risks IMHO.

Again I think this is another example where the secular religious ethic for a nation is shown to be inferior to the Christian one. IMHO.


I don’t know about that. To me there is a really big distinction between “easing pain even if it hastens death” and “causing death on purpose.” It seems like that distinction is frequently lost in these discussions, with those who are against euthanasia being painted as horrible people who want everybody to suffer and hang on as long as absolutely possible.

I wouldn’t want my life unnecessarily prolonged, but that doesn’t mean I want someone to administer lethal doses to kill me early, either.


A medical directive or living will with oddly specific examples will become a necessity regardless of which side you are on.


That’s what happens if you don’t pay your insurance bill … or is that if you DO pay your insurance bill?


Ah. Well a formal reprimand seems like a sufficient punishment for murder. Doctors who kill aren’t doctors. They are monsters.


They are looking into clinical charges as well per the article.


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