DeMint calls for Geithner’s resignation in wake of credit downgrade

DeMint calls for Geithner’s resignation in wake of credit downgrade

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Yeh, that will solve all the problems. :rolleyes:

Wouldn’t hurt them, although I would suggest that it would be even more beneficial to get rid of the man who put this tax cheater in charge in the first place.

And who would replace him? Best guess…someone else from the ruling Democrat/Republican plutocracy.

I’ll do it.

Put me in coach, I’ll close it out, shut em down, turn the lights out, game over.


One name they’re taking about…John Corzine (ugh!)…and after his stellar record as governor of NJ :rolleyes:

As long as leftist leaning Democrats rule the roost, he will be replaced with a like-minded clone, and not a tea-partier.
If people like Jim DeMint rule the roost, then and only then might there be a different direction.

The Tea party movement speaks for a conservatism that dislikes the big spending ways of both Democrat and Republican.

Elections have consequences, as Obama had once pointed out.

Indeed his election has had consequences. The credit downgrade is a direct response to the trillions of dollars wasted already, and the looming fiasco of Obamacare on the horizon ensuring that unsustainable debt is America’s future.

But the debt and deficit run up in the previous eight years had nothing to do with it?:shrug:

Congress has been irresponsibly running deficits for 10 years and they want to blame the Treasury Secretary? What did Geithner do wrong, not stop congress from making the stupid mistakes they did?

Yeah, how is Geitner to blame? I’m not a big fan but I don’t see how his resignation solves anything. It’s the responsibility of Congress to decide how much money we spend. The President can suggest and submit a Budget, which he did in Feb 2011, but ulitmately its the Congress that decides.

Yep. THEY’RE the ones that need to be downgraded, and we have the opportunity to do so next November.

How’s this one?

Replace Ben Bernanke with Ron Paul. Forget the Treasury altogether.

But Congress doesn’t control the money-printing that goes on at the Fed, though constitutionally Congress should control the currency.

I’d volunteer too. Give me a red pen and a quiet office. I will cut the spending.

I didn’t say that it didn’t.

Nevertheless, what Obama has done is ten-fold even compared to the high spending ways of Bush and the Pelosi/Reid Congress.
The rise of the Teaparty in America is as much in reaction to the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush years as it is with Obama. Obama at the time was more icing than cake.

One cannot say that now 2 and a half years in. He is in a league all of his own when it comes to fiscal irresponsibility.

Not that I like him but actually “he” hasn’t spent as much as Congress has allowed him.

It’s Bernanke and the FED which is running up the liability side of the U.S. government balance sheet by printing money which isn’t being circulated but the taxpayers are on the hook for. You’ve heard of QE1 and QE2 and the purchase of all those “toxic assets” haven’t you?

okay, i say starting with the resignation of Geithner is a first good step. followed by the resignation of Obama would be a second good step.:thumbsup:

I agree. I don’t like Geithner all that much but he was squeaking about what would happen if we defaulted or come to edge and looked into the abyss. Jim DeMint ought to resign since he didn’t heed any type of warning and led the Tea party that caused this mess Now he"s blaming the guy who warned him> Typical republican.

The election of a non-Democratic Senate and presidency would be the final icing on that cake.

:thumbsup: It will be.

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