Democracy in Romania facing its ‘gravest danger since 1990’ By

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Interesting heading, but no story. Got another link? I will be in Romania sometime next year and would be interested in reading the article. Do you have any additional comments about the story?

There was a story when I looked initially?

Not well written but it claimed the politicians want to remove the independence of the judicial system. This would be a concern.

It is a dangerous sign of the kind of right-wing populism that has taken hold in Eastern Europe. The courts in countries like Romania, Hungary and Poland, which have to some extent restrained these politicians, are now seen as an obstacles to their agendas. And yes, it is troubling. Courts may be an imperfect check on executive and legislative power, but they remain an important one, and when the independence of the judiciary is undermined, you end up with the paper tigers that are the courts in countries like Venezuela; little more than rubber stamps for the executive branch.

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The link does appear to be working now although does not present extensive information. It however identifies the implementation of these alleged imposed restraints as from the ruling leftist socialist democratic party, not right-wing populist activities. In any event it doesn’t sound good and will be interesting to see if more details are revealed.

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The problem of corruption.
The country for many years is not the part of the Schengen group of countries because of corruption.

The presence of nationalists is not always possible to state as destructive element, just because they belong to right-wing movements.
Nationalists and true patriots of course have something to worry about.
I think the greatest dramma is the economic burdens for the least protected layers of the population, the unwillingness of many to return to their country from EU countries, even though, most are working in Western Europe not at skilled and highly paid jobs, and here the reason is corruption, for many who have become pessimistic and do not believe in changes at home.
Sometimes large investors companies get richer there at a time when the local population works for meager pay.
Also , for example in agriculture, in particular investment in farming, in quotas Hungary for example has better investments than Romania.
The voices of the nationalists sometimes have a logical and truthful reasons, but still the root of most problems is in corruption.

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