Democrat/Republican TV viewing habits

NY Times:

Rather than post the whole article here’s the gist:

It sounds like a cliché, but if the results of a TiVo-based research study are to be believed, registered Republicans are very interested in golf.
As for registered Democrats, they seem to be partial to cartoons. And Republicans tend to watch N.C.A.A. basketball, while Democrats prefer the National Basketball Association.

. . .

Over all, the Democratic list contained a lot of animated comedies — “The Cleveland Show,” “Family Guy,” “American Dad” — as well as lightly viewed but critically acclaimed sitcoms like “30 Rock” and “Community.”

The Republican list, beyond sports (Nascar was also big), was populated with a host of reality shows — “The Biggest Loser,” “Survivor,” “American Idol” and “The Amazing Race.’

To me it sounds more like age bias rather than ideology.

Where do I fit in, I watch American Pickers, Storage Wars, Ax Men and Swamp People. Sunday night I visit Trinity Broadcast Station for whatever Christian movie they show. :smiley:

I’m unaffiliated and love the NBA and only get into the NCAA for March Madness

I think what’s interesting is that the lists we completely different, not so much what was on them. Not one show appeared on both lists, suggesting that the two sides are polarized even in entertainment. That strikes me as kind of sad.

As for me, I watch mostly live sports-baseball, football, soccer, basketball and crime procedurals. I’m not on either list.

History Channel = GOP, see the end of the article.

Im an Indep.I watch also the NBA and NCAA Basketball.I dont want FNC ,as I know its Rep leaning ,and dont watch MSNBC,as it favors the DEMs.I only watch CNN,as it is Indep,just like me.

They may not be. As was noted, the study may not have controlled for factors such as age, race, sex, etc.

In other words, we do not know the viewing habits of a Republican 25-year-old black woman v. a Democratic 25-year-old black woman.

So where is the actual list?

Good point.

I think the huge problem with the study is that their sample is TiVo users. To really judge they’d need a sample of all viewers, incl. cable, over-the-air (we still exist), web viewers, &c.

Who knows if such a study could be done accurately?

I’m unaffiliated and I haven’t watched an NBA game in years…well, I caught the last few minutes of the USA Men’s gold medal round, but that doesn’t count. I don’t like March Madness or regular season games, either. I used to LOVE the NBA when i was 11 or 12…collected a whole album of cards. But when they started caring more about making $$$$$, I stopped watching.

How about TV habits like comedies and dramas? I prefer Once Upon A Time and it is the only show I really watch regularly.

I wonder how many democrats watch Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice? :rolleyes:

Since I’m from and live in the Far East, such a survey is completely irrelevant.

I’m a libertarian, and my TV interests are mixed between those two sets.

Ahh, you must be an Independent!! :wink:

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