Democratic convention

This has to be seen to be believed! Talk about drinking the Kool Aid…

In view of the absence of God from the Plank of the Democratic Party, the Democrat Leadership then appearantly try to rectify the situation, as their original stance was very unpopular.

Here is the link:

So… Will the real Democratic Party Please stand up:confused:

It seems pretty straightforward. They only need to say “I voted against God before I voted for Him.”

Wow! Gee, I thought the government was for the people,by the people…:rolleyes:

Well I necessarily hate that I’m owned by them.

Big Brother loves you! :cool:

… That hurt my brain… oww…

Here’s a link to the part of the Democrats’ original promotional video that inspired this:

DNC reps are saying the Charlotte host committee (the local Democrats) made it, not them.

Democracy died in Charlotte that day. Shame on the Dems for ignoring a valid vote that clearly did not have the required 2/3 majority.

Check this one out!

Uh we Democrats do** not** believe in God…uh, yes we do…Since we found out to say such is unpopular… uh… then again …maybe not…well…maybe so… at least when our constituents are looking, that is…then again…:rolleyes::cool:

Appearantly** Govt**. = **Denial **of God, at least in the Democrats view…


I seriously would like a Democrat to come on the thread and* please,* I mean* please,* explain just what is going on.:shrug::shrug:

Are the bulk of the Democrat constituents now the Party of Atheism? :confused:


Regardless of my feelings on their platform and what it contains they stole the outcome by fraudulently claiming victory when they didn’t have the votes. The tape should be played non stop on every news outlet so the truth gets out. They violated the rights of their own party members to full participation in the democratic process.

That would be the most acceptable. It would not conflict with typical democrat behavior. Tomorrow when all the dust settles, they will shift right back to the original position anyway.

Romney should hit Obama with this in the debates:

R: Do you believe in democracy Mr Obama?

O:Yes of course!

R: Well your party certianly doesn’t! (reference the vote in Charlotte)

It’s pretty clear to me that the god that everyone is talking about here is the Christian god, or at the very least a monotheistic, interventionist god. Do you all not see why that might present a problem for candidates who are running for office in a pluralistic society with a secular form of government?

Not mentioning a particular god does not necessarily imply atheism.

I don’t even watch Fox so call news. IT is all GOP spin.

Well… considering the Democrat’s ‘War on Religion’ via the HHS Mandate and their disdain for the first Amendment, and their abolition of Life (for the preborn) Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness, this seems to be a relatively minor infraction in their eyes.

Sidebar: Just what process exactly, endowed Sebellius with such sweeping powers now?

It is there for all* to see!* It was all Democrat Constituents!! Just check out you tube if you don’t wanna watch Fox! BTW! All those people in the stands were *not *all Fox Anchormen acting at the Democratic National Convention!! :rolleyes: **


It’s on Film! :thumbsup:

See for yourself,

Oh wait… I forgot. MSNBC AND CNN won’t show *that *will they… at least …IMHO.:cool:

To quote Republican House Speaker John Boehner, “Have you ever met anyone who read the party platform? I’ve not ever met anybody”. So in that experienced politician’s opinion the party platform is worthless. He’s not read it and he doubts anyone else has. This is all about as important as when in the 50s they added ‘Under God’ to the pledge of allegiance, which was created by a Christian socialist to train children to be obedient to the state. We can have the official words but if they are not lived they are worthless. I think it possible that God would not want to be associated in any way with what our government does.

The thing is, we, or at least I, don’t really care if it presents a problem to them. This was a nation founded on the principles put forth by the entity you classify as “the Christian god.” While we might not a a religious state, our foundation don’t change.

Further, we believe those who reject God are wrong, so why exactly -should- we care about if they’re upset by our devotion, or about the fact that we feel that God should be at the center of all government? (Please note, these reflect my personally held convictions, and probably don’t correlate with most of the people on here… I am not what you would call tolerant in my opinions, though I am at the very least civil, which is more than I can say for a lot of the liberals I’ve met.)

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