Democratic National Convention: Billionaire Activist Tells Strategy to Advance Homosexual Cause [via EWTN]

Denver, Aug 25, 2008 (CNA).- Tim Gill, a billionaire from Colorado who has funded homosexual activism throughout the United States, spoke at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) Delegates Caucus at the Democratic National Convention on Monday, outlining how he has worked to advance homosexual causes in U.S. politics. Gill endorsed undermining rising politicians critical of homosexual advocacy by targeting donations to benefit their opponents on the state level.

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We need to wake up and realize there is a sinister and very organized effort to undermine all of the basic tenants of our faith and of common sense. This is not just a bunch of nice SSA people who want to be left alone to practice their perversion… this is truly a coordinated satanic movement to destroy the underpinnings of our Judeo-Christian foundation. May God have mercy on us!

People have to be aware of this and get motivated.

Exactly. We need to take Gill’s advice…

“Every single advance for gay rights has come at the state level,” Gill said, saying the most important thing the Democratic LGBT delegates could do is “go back and support those pro-gay state legislators, and eliminate the anti-gay state legislators.”

He encouraged the delegates to **donate to state candidates out of state, especially in rural areas. **

The billionaire homosexual activist also counseled the audience not to donate to unwinnable races, but rather to focus their donations where they will most likely change the outcome of elections.

**“Just a little bit of money goes a long way,” he said. **

If all the LGBT delegates donated fifty dollars to specially targeted races, which he numbered at no more than ten or twenty per election year, Gill said “we can get rid of them.”
By successfully changing Republican legislatures to Democratic ones, Gill claimed, “the net result is always good for gays.”

…and reverse it, by giving to pro-life Republicans. He is correct, not just about gay marriage issues, but also life issues. Changing Republican legislatures to Democratic ones is “always good” for the pro-death forces in our country.

The only way the anti-Christian bigots in the Democratic party will learn is if we take their power away from them.

btw…are we going to get another thread started somewhere asking “what Gay Agenda?” :rolleyes: :frowning:

Whoa I thought the conventions would be topica non grata. No?

No, I guess not.


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Isn’t it against board rules to even talk about one party? :shrug:

Where is our Billionaire who will help defeat those who want to extend the culture of death? I guess he or she doesn’t exist. It is up to us middle and lower economic class Catholics to make the sacrifices that will be needed to bring back our culture. There is always hope though… the Catholics who are having 5 to 10 children are also the ones who are teaching their children the truth about sin and its’ effect on all of us. Someday all the radical hate-mongers who want to destroy the culture of life will die off… may God have mercy on their souls. Perhaps then our children will be ready to retake our society and reshape the culture in the name and image of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.:thumbsup:


We find it necessary to also limit the discussion of political parties. When Democrat or Republican is used, it should be in a neutral way. Discuss the issues, not the candidates or parties. Posts which make a case for voting for either party will be removed without notice, as will posts which attempt to show that a party’s platform is closer to Church teaching.

Personally, I would rather see rules implemented that would enforce candidates could only accept donations from their constituents (persons and corporations with a presence therein).

I used to work in a university community, and every six years fliers would go up for fundraising events to raise money for whomever was running against Senator …um… Shmessie Shmelms. Now this university was nowhere near the fair state of … North Shmarolina, and frankly I feel it is none of my business who the citizens of that state elect to represent themselves! :whacky: (Nor do I want outsiders -]buying/-] donating to candidates for my area)

Again: :twocents: ,

How is this radical billionaire any different from a republican radical wealthy person whos behind the scenes to further wars, war profits and illegal foreign entanglements? :wink:

This billionaire activist gill should be our target, anybody know what his business is so that we can boycott him.

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