Democratic Party Convention General Thread

Bernie Sanders supporters Friday tore into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on social media after a leaked email appeared to show a DNC official plotting to question Sanders’s religion.

The email, written by Chief Financial Officer Brad Marshall and leaked by the DNC hacker Guccifer 2.0 to WikiLeaks, suggests sending a surrogate to ask an unnamed candidate whether that candidate believed in God.

The email does not name the Vermont senator, but it talks about a man of “Jewish heritage” Marshall believes to be an atheist. It makes reference to voters in Kentucky and West Virginia, two states that were weeks away from a Democratic primary at the time.

I was just watching them on the news. These Bernie supporters are livid. Basically they said fix this or else. I don’t what know exactly what means but it sounded like an ultimatum.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Twenty-one percent (21%) of Likely U.S. Voters think the country is heading in the right direction, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey for the week ending July 14.

Guess who the 21% is!

I think that McCarthyist tactics would have been necessary to stop Bernie Sanders. I am glad that some in the DNC would work to stop socialism from spreading to this country. This is a flashback to the Kennedy and Truman days for the party.

I posted about it on the Hillary thread I think. I’ve been reading the hacked emails on Wikileaks. Completely disgusting. I can’t believe they wanted to plant someone to put Sanders on the spot and ask him if he’s Jewish or an Atheist, “because it would matter to some of my peeps” according to the email.

All those Hillary supporters that thought they would get Sander’s supporters to vote for her were dreaming.

It’s not like Sanders is going to win. Or, at least I don’t think.

I was pretty sure he was an ethnically Jewish atheist…

Yeah I don’t know where the outrage is coming from. Sanders has been pretty open that he’s not religious.

Jimmy Kimmel: “Do you believe in God and do you think that’s important to the people of the United States?”

Bernie Sanders: “Well you know, I am, who I am, and what I believe in and what my spirituality is about is that we’re all in this together.”

He really could have just said “no”…

He’d lose voters if it wasn’t “intricate” enough.

There you go, he thinks he’s God… :smiley:

I would guess the outrage is that the DNC was going to use it as an issue to attack him, when the DNC presumably wants to convey the message that it’s welcoming to non-believers.

I thought the DNC was supposed to be non-partisan with the candidates. In this case they supported Hillary from the git-go and did everything they could to demean Bernie.

More or less. The more fundamental issue is that the DNC seems to be working against him, using their influence to lessen his chance of success. It would be terribly undemocratic, and would prove Sanders points about corruption in the system.

IMO it’s both. But I don’t speak for Democrats. I’m appalled at the actions of the DNC though and the emails sure seem to substantiate the accusations that the Dem primary was rigged from the beginning. Neither the DNC nor the RNC should be prepicking the winner and they shouldn’t be scheming behind the scenes to take down one of their own. I wasn’t happy when the RNC attempted to use Romney but at least it was an up front attack and not a plant in the crowd to try and have a gotcha moment. Of course Trump trips himself all on his own, he doesn’t need help.

The Democrats may have just lost the atheists.

:yawn: Ohhhhhh where should I begin. There seems to be such concern on CAF about us Bernie Sanders voters. So I guess here. Sigh. First of all, yes I am only 1 but I supported Bernie Sanders. For such reasons as healthcare and the income disparity in America between rich and poor and working class. I do not believe, as Donald Trump has stated, that incomes are too high in America. There is no outcry from me over this story whatsoever. Individuals at the DNC, or RNC for that matter, have opinions just as each of us do, on politics, candidates and other topics. I have moved on. Bernie Sanders is not on the ballot. He himself has explained his own endorsement for the fall election between the 2 candidates, 1 of which will be the 45th POTUS. It’s not going to be Bernie. Nor Jill Stein. Nor Gary Johnson. Nor anyone other than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Each of their parties also have a party platform in place. And as Ted Cruz said, we each should vote our conscience. Which is what I will do when the time comes. Although I do already know what I’m doing.

Excuse me, I like Sanders and I voted for him in the primary. So I’m not sure why your reply to me sounds to surly.

Because to me it sounded like you were saying, “All those Hillary supporters that thought they would get Sander’s supporters to vote for her were dreaming”. No they weren’t. I can’t speak for a Clinton primary supporter. There are some here who can speak for themselves. But I don’t think any Clinton supporter thought they would get every Bernie supporter. Donald Trump is not going to get every Republican primary voter either. Everyone knows that. Hillary supporters have and will get Bernie supporters. It’s not a dream.

As I wrote in another thread, the Bernie people are coming around. The roll out of Tim Kaine seemed to assuage some fears. He seems to be an honorable man who appeals to most people. There is no way any Bernie supporter will vote for Pence as a second. He goes against anything they stand for.

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