Democratic Party Convention / Primary Fight General Tread


I’ve never understood this. Especially now, there doesn’t seem to be very much in the Democrat’s platform that resonates with Catholicism or Christianity in general.

Their platform literally excludes “God”. We happen to believe in God.
Their platform supports abortion. We think this is murder.
Their platform supports homosexual marriage. We believe in traditional marriage.
Their platform redefines family as … whatever you want. We believe in traditional family structures.

So what is it, exactly, that keep Catholics voting for Democrats?


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I was thinking that too.


You might check out the Clinton thread and/or the Sanders thread.


In the south (at the local level at least) the Democrats tend to actually be fairly conservative. You can’t really piegeonhole a political party like that. (in the interest of full disclosure, I have, to the best of my knowledge when voting, have never voted for a pro-abortion canidate, and I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans). Dan Lipinski of Illinois is a pro-life Democrat, for instance. Robert Dold, also of Illinois, is a pro-choice Republican. These are not exactly southern politicans, but I fail to see how acting like everyone from a particular party actually believes everything that party teaches is true :shrug: I remember a democrat I supported in a local election a few years ago because I really did feel he was the more “conservative” (whatever that means) between the GOP candidate and the democrats. This is not uncommon in the south. This is why many southern states have a lot of Democrats in office at the local level but vote GOP for the federal level


Many Catholics are secuar. This means church only on easter, and christmas. No sacraments, and no real religous life. Same thing happened to Jews. Most are secular who rarely follow the faith, and only say there jewish so they can claim to be an opressed minority.

Dem’s are not that bad. They care about the poor and needy, are good people, and care about the future of our nation. This thread is the reason why our country is so divided. Lets try and find common groung instead of screaming that dems are the devil and have a one way ticket to hell.



In my personal experience they either don’t know their faith, since 75% or so don’t practice it, &/or they don’t know either party’s platform.

The Dems also give off more of compassionate feel, while IMO the GOP is seen as rich, callous & cold. I think the Left is the party of emotion, the Right, common sense.

When I was young I was always told by my older relatives from New England, to just vote for the name with a “D” at the end of it. During the Ronald Reagan/Jimmy Carter debates, I realized the difference as a young man. I remember, making a list of issues and asking them all, if they agreed or disagreed. A couple were: Are you for a woman’s right to choose? Gun Control, a strong military, less taxes. All 4 of them responded as most Repub’s would. After I explained the differences w/I a short amount of time they became Repub’s. Come to find out, they were also told to vote for the “D” also.:shrug:


It may be a belief that Democrats favor the poor and Republicans favor the rich.


I have no idea.


That is what is so interesting. They LOVE the poor, can’t make more of them fast enough.

I wonder why the poor love them?


I have no idea.


That is a Democrat talking point. Dems give people things that keep them dependent on government. Republicans believe in keeping the federal government out of our lives and returning that responsibility to the states as said in our Constitution. Who knows better what an individual needs than those closest to them. I do wish the Dems would find a differe!t untruth to wage against the opposing party. This one is getting tiresome.


They LOVE the poor. Can’t make enough of them fast enough…


I haven’t voted for a Democrat at any level since their party platform endorsed abortion…


May I suggest:

Government hasn’t become smaller or less intrusive under the previous Republican Administrations either.

How true.


Our LORD taught to help the poor. The Democrats are perceived as the party of the poor.



I don’t believe killing unborn babies is a one way ticket to Heaven no matter what else one does. Good people don’t kill babies or support the killing of babies. Babies are the future of our country and guess who is front on the dividing line of this country. The first thing we need to heal in our country is the violence against our innocent tiny babies. A heartless nation will not survive. Look at History! God Bless, Memaw


And they do everything they can to keep them poor so they will vote for them. Dependent on them. God help us. God Bless, Memaw


I’m Catholic and I haven’t voted for a Democrat in 30 years. :shrug:


Ditto. I was a Dem because my daddy was a dem, due to his labor union affiliation. Once I really started investigating what the party stood for, I checked other options and changed my affiliation to republican. I will say that the Democratic party has changed their party platform drastically over 40 years and is no longer supporting the values it once did. Praying for people to think before they vote. If you don’t know WHY you are voting for someone, don’t do it.

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