Democratic Presidential Elector Says He Won't Vote For Hillary Clinton



We vote for a particular slate of electors, not for president. We think we know how our electors will vote, but we can’t be sure until the vote occurs. It’s the electors who elect the president.


Revenge will be taken.


If by revenge you mean he’ll pay the $1000 fine for not voting for the state’s choice then yes.




Excellent. A delegate who understands that the job of the Electoral College is to act as a buffer to prevent an individual like Clinton from being elected in the event that an incompetent electorate selects them as the winner of the popular vote. If they are charged for being a faithless elector, hopefully we see another instance of jury nullification, as we recently saw in the trial over those who seized the nature reserve.


$1000 would be peanuts in comparison to the possibility of Hillary in office of the President for 4 years. she should be ineligible or she should have taken the high road and dropped out.


Read The Federalist Papers.

They were written IN DETAIL to explain why and how the particulars of our Constitution were debated and decided on.

The Federalist Papers are still EXCELLENT.


How do we know that the people who are electors are more competent than the voters?


Well, now you have ONE MORE THING to worry about.

That’s why we DIVERSIFY.

So that everything does*** not ***depend on ONE decision.

Read the Federalist Papers. They are adverts that the Founding Fathers placed in the newspapers to explain why the Constitution was a good thing.

They talked/wrote at length how/why the system of elections was established.

Direct election of the House of Representatives.

Senate selected by the State Legislatures. Decentralizes power. And diversifies power. [But the 17th Amendment takes power away from the states’ legislatures.] [Arguably, we should repeal the 17th Amendment … to restore that diversification.]

President [chief administrator] selected by the electors to protect the rights of small states.

By the way, the President is supposed to be an almost worthless job. Congress MAKES THE LAWS. Congress has jurisdiction over the Federal Courts. Congress declares war and funds the military. The President MERELY carries out the ORDERS issued by Congress.

The President is merely the chief paper-pusher.

At least, that’s the way it is SUPPOSED to be.

The arguments and points they wrote about back then are still valid today.


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