Democratic Pundit Donna Brazile: Rough week, Democrats? Snap out of it. You have 1 job: Save America from Trump

Several Obama decisions took years to resolve.
Obama was even on record he was abusing power.
That’s how it works for both parties.

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I’m not saying that the Democrats’ political missteps of the last month have sewn up the 2020 election for Republicans, but the challenge for Democrats is definitely tougher now. And their problems are becoming increasingly obvious as they remain anchored to a struggling two-pronged strategy.

By any means necessary

First, they tell voters, as James Carville told Vox, “We have one moral imperative here, and that’s beating Trump. Nothing else matters.” The party base loves this kind of self-affirming “by any means necessary” rhetoric. It makes OK holding up the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement while farmers are hurting and justifies putting the country through a divisive impeachment process. But it doesn’t do much to further the Democratic Party as the majoritarian party Carville says he wants.

But it is their second objective that is more problematic for Democrats. In debate after debate, appearance after appearance, their presidential hopefuls are trying to make the case that, despite a mountain of statistics to the contrary, the economy isn’t working for most Americans. In other words, they’re asking voters, “Who are you going to believe — us or the Bureau of Labor Statistics?”

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Saying “by any means necessary” doesn’t really show them as the law abiding party. Especially since their conduct around things like impeachment, Russiagate and Kavanagh’s nomination have left such a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of people. This “by any means necessary” exhortation is symbolic of what they mean, that they’re willing to push the limits, to skirt the limits, to step over the lines at times, if it means they can get Trump out.

Trump as president is entitled to the people he wants to actually work for him, not undermine him because they think his policy sucks.

His opponents want to preserve Trump’s power for their own president when they get the White House back. But of course Trump can’t be allowed to exercise that power.

Yes, snap out of it indeed. Let Sanders sandbag the lot of them. Could not happen to nicer people.


I think it means a lot worse things than that, ultimately, and for more serious reasons.

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