Democrats are making it tough for don’t like trumpers

This is a very well argued opinion piece on why Biden is a bad choice even you don’t like Trumps conduct but typically lean Republican.

“## This isn’t just a referendum on Trump

The Don’t-Like-Trumpers can’t count on the usual Washingtonian inertia to stall out this agenda until the next election. Democrats are also committed to changing the political playing field to clear the way for the fundamental changes they are advocating and increase the odds of making them permanent.

Biden has said that he is open to eliminating the virtual filibuster in the Senate that would thwart much of this. The virtual filibuster should go. But that increases the risks of a Biden presidency for the Don’t-Like-Trumpers.”

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Not sure what Biden has to do with trumpets, but . . . . :smile:

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Lol that darn auto correct

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