Democrats’ Diversity Problem

crossover appeal.
**Tuesday, November 30, 2010 | 10:25 p.m. **

Democrats have a diversity problem.

There, I said it. Many of you reading might be doing a double-take, thinking I went really “against the grain” with this column. You’re thinking: It’s clear Democrats are a much more inclusive party—just look at the fact that nearly one-third of House Democrats are non-white, while Republicans have struggled to diversify.

And am I so naïve to forget Democrats nominated and elected President Obama, the first black president?

But look deeper at the composition of Congress and the governorships, and it’s apparent the Democrats’ strong racial record is somewhat misleading, with its advantage in electing minorities mostly a result of House districts specifically drawn to elect minorities

Democrats are the real racists. The pay lip service to minorities. They like keeping blacks as slaves to the govt. The first plantation was defeated in the Civil War. The second plantation are the inner cities. The Democrats use the blacks for votes and throw welfare at them to keep the votes coming. All the while, they are corrupt and push gentrification that pushes prices up and makes blacks poorer while whites get richer. The same Democrats are against school choice that would allow more blacks to attend the same school as those rich liberal elites. I guess those liberals dont like poor blacks attending elite schools. Even Obama wont send his kids to DC public schools, which have a black majority. He sends them to an expensive school that costs 32,000/year per child. The Democrats dont care about blacks or minorities. They care about votes and using people. They support abortion because it eliminates groups that cost the govt money. True racists are the Democrats.

If you want to know the racist origins of Planned Parenthood, study the writings of their founder, Margaret Sanger and you will see a supporter of eugenics. Planned Parenthood’s roots, and legal abortion’s roots are in euginics and racism. Why anyone would support the Democrat party that unconditionally supports abortion rights and helps keep Planned Parenthood in business is beyond me.



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