Democrats Fast-Track Bill To Override Hobby Lobby Decision


“Your health care decisions are not your boss’ business,” Murray said on Tuesday. “Since the Supreme Court decided it will not protect women’s access to health care, I will.”

I guess not having access to the “morning-after pill” is fundamentally detrimental to a woman’s health…:rolleyes:

Not having the right to avoid the consequences of your actions and kill your unborn child and then have your religious employer pay for it would really affect the woman’s health.
Yes indeed. :thumbsup:

Discuss if interested.



This is a blatant political move. It’s about as serious as the 6,000th Benghazi hearing in the House. They’re not serious; they’re just trying to get votes and fundraising.


Sure hope so. :rolleyes::shrug:


You think the Democrats seriously think they can pass this in the House? Come on. They’ve already been issuing fundraising emails over the issue like wildfire.


If the Obamacare provision did not pass muster with the Supreme Court, neither will this new bill if it should get that far.

It takes a constitutional amendment to override the Supreme Court; not conventional legislation, You would think our elected officials would be smart enough to know that.


The Hobby Lobby case was not settled using constitutional arguments, it was settled based on the existing law (Religious Freedom Restoration Act), so, theoretically at least, congress could change the law and in essence nullify the ruling. No constitutional amendment needed.





We wouldn’t need a “6,000th” hearing on Benghazi if the Administration would have cooperated in the first place.

Trying to throw that in there to make a comment seemed balanced is absurd.

Stop trying to run cover for the Democrats; let them dig their own political grave.


I think everyone needs to read Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves

It’s a real shame that the United States isn’t a Catholic nation, if so perhaps the recommendation to read it wouldn’t fall on deaf ears.

While they are at it, maybe Congress should read the Bible and the Catechism too.


It works on the emotional, low information crowd who thinks contraception is a human right.

It’s also another reason why our generation could be responsible for the ultimate, final decline of America.


It’s a real shame that the United States isn’t a Catholic nation, if so perhaps the recommendation to read it wouldn’t fall on deaf ears.

Catholics would be the largest single voting block if everyone stood on principle.

But too many Catholics are too busy making excuses for their selfish gain to care.


I would respond,“your healthcare isn’t anybody’s responsibility but the said individual…pay for it yourself!”


That is what I was getting at when I said “Sure hope so.” :yup:

I agree it is still highly unlikely, but one never knows with this Congress…

And it also depends on whether the Democrats are able to somehow regain the House in the next Congressional election cycle.:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Again-----doubtful, but IF (again, IF) somehow they were able to do so, all bets would be off----Pelosi gets to be speaker again, and they would be able to ram (somehow) this thing down the American people’s throats. Using the theoretical nullification process you just spoke about.

I pray sincerely that that does not happen. :signofcross:


Everyone is so quick to jump on democrats. Liberals, and the president that they seem to be giving a free pass to hobby lobby.

I don’t understand the infatuation of My Catholic brothers and sisters with hobby lobby, a company that has stated they are Not against contraceptive, just some! They are okay with 80% of contraceptive intervention (16 out of 20)!

Sounds like cafeteria Catholicism to me!


And Patty Murray would probably say, “You heartless b----”. :rotfl:

Pardon my french, BTW. :blush:

But you know what I mean.

Actually, they would probably go with the old Hillary line-----“It takes a village to…” and all of that. LOL.:p:p

But yes, you make a good point.


Then you don’t understand what cafeteria Catholicism means.

This was a victory for ALL Americans, not just religious ones.




They are not Catholics, AFAIK.

They are opposed to the abortificient ones…not the ones that just prevent conception.

Again----AFAIK. If I’m wrong about this, anybody here please can correct me.

It WOULD be better if they agreed fully with the Catholic line against contraception. :):slight_smile:

But they do not----they are Evangelicals. And this IS ultimately a case about RELIGIOUS FREEDOM and the right of a business not to have the government bully it into providing health coverage for something that goes against the said company’s beliefs. :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Why are democrats obsessed with contraception? They are not for the little guy…they want to destroy the littlest guys.


Here is my thinking on all of this: One, I could care less what Hobby Lobby does or does not do. Still, I believe totally that we should have freedom of religion which means that the government cannot make laws that dictate how we practice that religion. It does not mean we have separation of Church and State however. This is my secular perspective of the issue if you will.

Now as a Catholic, who accepts the teachings of the Church and lives by them, I maintain that we cannot make Faith law. I would never have an abortion, even in the case of rape. But how do I enforce that on others who may not believe as I do, or who are simply acting out of fear? All I can do is offer them a place to stay, food, education, money if needed and even the willingness to adopt their child. But I cannot make my Faith law.

So how do we work this in a meaningful manner? I guess Hobby Lobby and other companies like them should be able to decide if they will cover certain things. But this does mean that many people would have to base their employment choices on those issues and possible lack of or presence of coverage. Also, will Hobby Lobby and others provide coverage for the use of “birth control pills” when they are being used to treat other medical conditions not related to pregnancy?

I guess I just feel that these situations are ultimately up to the individual regardless of how I think or believe. If you are a Catholic that is living according to your faith you will not need this kind of coverage. If you are of another faith, or an atheist you may very well feel that you are being discriminated against because of your beliefs and need for this kind of medical care. It is almost like having a coin: you have to have both sides to have the whole coin or it is useless.

I simply do not practice things contrary to the Church’s teachings, but I don’t go around trying to make matters of Faith law either. We have free will, maybe we just need to let people make these choices while providing them better options so their choices are not so restricted and terrifying to them.




My sentiments exactly.

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