Democrats George Mitchell and Bill Richardson Named Epstein Sex Ring Court Documents

So then you are good with Trump ejecting Epstein from his Club for coming on to minors at the club, before Trump was in politics and it was just a morals decision.


Not sure what you mean by that. I am not “good” with anyone who was aware of his sexual exploitation of minors sitting by and doing nothing. Whether that person was “in politics” or not is not relevant.

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But Trump (or his club manager) did do something, they revoked Epstein’s club membership.

Even if true (and I have also heard that Trump broke up with Epstein over a real estate issue), that is certainly not enough. I am not sure it is even “something.” If Donald Trump knew that Epstein was a serial rapist and human trafficker, he should pay a price, as should the rest of them, regardless of political affiliation.

If you kick him out of your club, you’ve done something.

Sounds like the authorities already knew,
shame on you for expecting a private citizen to go full vigilante on the guy.

Are you seriously saying that if you know someone was running a sex trafficking ring involving minors, you would find it sufficient to just refuse to let the guy have lunch at your club? Shame on you.

Shame on you for your extreme rhetoric,

How many people have you reported? Surely you suspect somebody in your town is breaking the law.


Seems some are just determined to believe Trump is guilty of something… anything.

In just a few posts we went from Trump is an associate and therefore guilty to perhaps not an associate, but should have done something to whatever he did was really nothing.

Such transitions erode credibility.

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This conversation has devolved to the absurd. I doubt you are bring serious because you claim to be Christian and no Christian could take such a position. If you truly believe that it is OK to shelter child rapists, then you have some serious issues. Either way, this conversation is over.

You may want to re-read (or read for the first time) my posts. I don’t know what Trump or Clinton did. I am saying that anyone that failed to report child rape should face consequences for doing so. The counter argument has been that even if Trump knew about Epstein’s crimes, he should get a pass for some reason. I would think that the position that anyone who is involved in concealing such a heinous crime should be held to account would not be controversial.

I felt you brought it to the absurd by blaming Trump for not reporting Epstein,
and maybe doing a citizens arrest?


Which is it?

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