Democrats guarantee abortion coverage in ObamaCare

                 **Democrats guarantee abortion coverage in ObamaCare**                                    
                                                     **Urgent: Call your representative and two senators today!**                                    
                                [                      ]("")August 31, 2009                 

               President Obama told liberal clergy that those who claim his health care plan will provide taxpayer funding for abortions are "*bearing false witness*." But it's the president who is not being truthful with the American people.

The Capps Amendment, passed by Democrats in the Energy and Commerce Committee at the end of July, specifically says that the “public health insurance option shall provide coverage for (abortion) services,” and directs the “Commissioner” to “assure” that every American will have access "to at least one … plan that provides coverage of (abortion) services."
California Democrat Zoe Lofgren admitted in a town hall meeting this month that "abortion will be covered by one or more of the health care plans available to Americans."
Even the Associated Press wrote that ObamaCare "would allow a new government-sponsored insurance plan to cover abortions."
Democrats in the House and Senate have voted down every attempt to make sure abortion funding is kept out of the health care proposal.
There are many reasons to oppose ObamaCare, but stopping the taxpayer funding of abortion is perhaps the most important. Help us protect the life of the unborn by working with us to stop ObamaCare in its tracks.

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**Additional resources:

*]The Heritage Foundation’s Bob Moffit details how taxpayer funding for abortion survived the House Energy and Commerce mark-up process.
*]Associated Press - Government insurance would allow coverage for abortion

There are no facts contained in this post. Why is “abortion” in parenthesis?

Also, do you people get this upset if your private health insurance plan covers abortion?

Sure do.

You people? :confused: What’s that supposed to mean? I see you’re Catholic as well.

Sure there are. There are quotes from Democratic House Reps and Associate Press.

Also, do you people get this upset if your private health insurance plan covers abortion?

Most certainly!!! My benefits are money that I have earned, and I certainly objected to having my money go towards a policy that covered abortion. I am now on a policy that does not cover abortion.

Also, since I own stock in my company via my 401(k) I have written letters to the board . As a stockholder, I expressed my displeaser at such policies being offered and challenged the board to drop that so called ‘benefit’.

The fact is that amendments were offered to eliminate the use of tax and government funds to support abortion. All were Defeated by the Democrats.

Before I answer, I want to make sure the question pertains to me.

Who exactly is ‘you people’??

GOP Distortion Alert: Rep. Boehner’s Office Is Getting Good At Misleading The American Public On Choice
August 25, 2009 4:09 pm ET

In its August 25, 2009 "GOP Leader Alert," the House Minority Leader's office sent out a misleading missive on the provisions regarding abortion in H.R. 3200.  The piece is one distortion after another, all capped off by an outright lie about the House bill's language regarding abortion.

The vocal conservative minority that is doing everything in their power to beat back any meaningful health care reform.

At this moment the current House Bill says an abortion will be covered by tax payers. Nothing is free, you be paying it through your taxes. If you have an abortion a bureaucrat has to have the final say. See page 430 of the bill. We have to wait for Senate.
A Senator from Mass. just died, a supposed Catholic agreed with Roe vs. Wade.

As opposed to the majority liberal party which claims to be the party of “common ground” but is clearly willing to hold every poor citizen’s health care coverage hostage to their TRUE holiest of values: abortion on demand without restriction.

If the Democrats were REALLY most concerned about a legitimate comprehensive health care system, they’d dump abortion coverage from it in a split second. It would strip the Republicans of at least half of their moral power and traction amongst the republican base. The only reason they won’t do it is because abortion is more important to them than health care for the poorest.

I’m cynical enough to know that the Republican leadership is attempting to manipulate me to their goals with the abortion issue. Too bad more Democrats don’t realize that the DEMOCRATIC leadership is manipulating THEM using ‘health care’ as a tool to further entrench abortion in our culture.

This is exactly what I mean. Where do you get this stuff?

Seriously, where do you get this stuff? It baffles my mind that we have people in this country that actually think like

Cardinal Rigali tells Congress, healthcare bill is unacceptable without changes.

Does House Healthcare Bill Fund Abortion? Depends on Whom You Ask
August 04, 2009 12:24 PM ET | Dan Gilgoff | Permanent Link | Print

By Dan Gilgoff, God & Country

Does the House healthcare bill directly fund abortion with taxpayer money? Depends on whom you ask.

Abortion-rights groups like Planned Parenthood call the claim a “myth” that’s part of a broader “right-wing campaign against healthcare reform.”

But abortion-rights foes say such groups are being disingenuous and that the bill clearly authorizes federally financed abortion as part of its public healthcare option.

Even with the House adjourned for August recess, the disagreement over whether its healthcare bill funds abortion with federal dollars is growing more intense. Last night, Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins reissued an earlier invitation to Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards to debate the question. Perkins insists that Obama’s healthcare reform plan includes taxpayer-financed abortion.

The question revolves largely around an amendment to the House healthcare bill that was adopted by the Energy and Commerce Committee last Thursday. The amendment prohibits federal funds from explicitly subsidizing abortion in the private healthcare plans to be offered through the health insurance exchange (read it here). But it doesn’t prevent “the public health insurance option from providing for or prohibiting coverage” of abortion.

That means the public healthcare option could cover abortions that the government is currently barred from funding by way of the Hyde amendment, a rider to the annual health and human services appropriations bill that keeps Medicaid from funding abortion except in rare circumstances. But Democrats say the entire healthcare bill is subject to the Hyde amendment, meaning that public funds are still barred from covering abortions, so long as the amendment continues to be reauthorized annually.

“For the last 30 years, this is the consistent common ground: We don’t use public funds to provide abortion services,” says an aide to Democratic California Rep. Lois Capps, who authored the abortion-related amendment adopted last week by the House. "Federal law—the Hyde amendment—prohibits it."

You can mock or you can refute the logic. I’d prefer logic, thanks.

If the Democrats compromised and left abortion coverage out of their plans they would rob the Republican startegists of a large portion of their most energetic grass roots support. Overnight, these town hall meetings would start to cool off. That’s called compromise politics and it’s good strategy when it gets you your main goal.

Don’t you think it is strange that the Democrats are so unwilling to make this compromise in hard terms? I take that unwillingness to be a signal about their true priorities. Why is that so hard to follow?

They really think we’re stupid. If they had any intention of honoring a committment NOT to use public funds for abortion, they’d state it in the legislation in plain language. The fact that they are building a house of cards on top of the Hyde amendment betrays their intention to simply NOT re-up the Hyde amendment next time. Sucker punch.

Rep. Henry Hyde is both retired and dead folks (he belonged to my parish!). Obama is in charge and the Dems rule both houses. The long run of the Hyde amendment is over.

The pro-life community has to use what little clout we have to demand a lasting, iron clad clause prohibiting public funding of abortion. If we get that, I can live with some form of public health care. Without such assurance, it’s nothing but another Trojan horse.

I suggest all of you who think Obama will include Abortion coverage in the "Public Option"
you need to read the Hyde Amendment that does not permit the US govt to pay for
abortion service. This law was affirmed by the Supreme Court.
You see this is a typical tactic of the RIGHT…create a false premise than attack it.
Its like the Death Panels;;;;;;;create a strawman then attack it.

If Obama was as bad as the RIGHT says,he would have had Limbaugh, Hannity
and Beck arrested a long time ago and charged with treason.

Already addressed above.

Trusting in the Hyde amendment to protect against publicly funded abortion is like being Gen Xer like me and trusting that Social Security will be there to keep me housed and fed in my retirement: a sucker’s bet.

The Hyde amendment must be re-approved quite often or it ceases to exist. Do you REALLY think that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are going to keep the Hyde amendment around? Is that you, Professor Kmiec? :wink:

I gave up all efforts to respond with logic because I found that most people who buy into the whole “Democrats guarantee abortion” argument are impervious to logic. I form no opinion unless I have educated myself about the issue by actually reading the documents being discussed rather than what other people say the documents, laws, court opinions etc. say they state. This means I can no longer have a conversation with other Catholics on most things. So now I just pray for the Catholic Church in this country that it be freed from the lies, deceptions and distortions of the political fringe that now seems to rule our Church.

Abortion is such a volatile issue we can no longer have civil discourse on any issue if abortion is portrayed as playing a part in it. If you believe a health care reform plan will somehow impact abortion law, no fact, argument or the application of reason will ever change your mind. But perhaps you would truly adopt an anti-abortion stance and cancel your health insurance? Premiums are pooled to cover all claims not just our own. So if my insurance company offers any plan that provides any services related to reproduction, even prescriptions for any form of birth control, then I financially support abortion.

Look into history. Slavery was the same way. So was the 1960’s civil rights struggle. Rancorous and polarizing. That’s what happens in the struggle for culture between our fallen nature and the remnants of our created good nature. On one side of all these struggles were the excusers, the rationalizers and the “one issue among many” crowd. On the other were those who recognized THE moral issue of the day and decided to DO something about it. And changed the world for the better, in spite of their many contemporary naysayers.

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